Friday, April 13, 2007

Wednesday's Blog Challenge : Embarrassing Stories

So Heather's blog challenge this week is to tell your most embarrassing stories. Well I've been trying to think of one since the challenge post, as I have already shared with you my top 3 embarrassing stories : The Cayenne Pepper Incident and the Rolling down Old Quebec & Not being able to stop walking backwards incidents . But Tina's embarrassing call center story reminded me of my own embarrassing call center story!

Sometime in 2001, I was working at the Xwave call center, doing technical customer service for Sympatico internet. It was working for the dial up internet division... When a member wanted to get Sympatico, they could either show up at a store or I could have a "Starter Kit" sent to them in the mail. Well as you all know my first language is french. I write much better english than I speak; in english I often fumble for my words, stutter, etc. Well the customer was getting pretty irrate, because there were no Bell Sympatico stores near him so I had to ship him the Starter Kit but it was going to take a few days. I wanted to tell him "Sir, your kit should arrive soon!" And instead.... I said "Sir, your SHIT COULD arrive soon!" (kit should / shit could... LOL) OH.MY.GOD!!! First he was really offended that I said that... AND then I started to giggle uncontrollably... until the girl I shared the cube with started to giggle too, we went from 0 to hysterical laughter in 20 seconds. She had the chance to put her customer on hold, but I was laughing too hysterically to ask my customer if I could put him on hold! Holy crap I would have sooo been fired if Quality Assurance had been listening in!!!

Oh... I just thought of another one... one time, in Africa, we were driving somewhere and I suddenly had to go to the bathroom VERY very badly. One of the guys in the truck said : Well, I have a business contact close to here, let's go see them and you can use their facilities. We get there, and I'm ecstatic that they have a real toilet that you can sit on and everything. While sitting on it, I noticed that there was a pipe on the wall next to me with a little knob on it, and it was sprinkling a little water in the air. *sigh* I HAD to try to turn it, I wanted to turn that little leak off.... BIG huge gigantic mistake. The water started GUSHING, it wouldnt stop, no matter which way I turned the knob!!! I couldnt get off the damn throne, I wasn't done... By the time I was finished and could go get help there was water in that bathroom almost to my ankles!! It was like a cement room with a cement floor and there are lizzards everywhere, so I had lizzards floating near my ankles... Holy crap I thought I was going to faint I was so embarrassed. Finally they came and said : oh it's broken it happens all the time! Ack! LOL But of course the 3 other Canadians made fun of me for flooding the bathroom hehe.

Oh and there was the time here at the office when I referred to 50+ year old people as 'older people'...... and realized only after I said it that all my coworkers are 50+.... Holy crap they took it well and joked about it but I was crimson!

Well, it seems like I still have quite the embarrassing story reserve LOL


Scatterbrain said...

*so* you!

Heather said...

Did you know that's called a "spoonerism" - when you transpose the beginnings of two words? It's's word of the day!!