Friday, April 13, 2007

I <3 Lists.

So here's a pro/con list of applying for a 'real job'. Yes, I have one in mind that I'm thinking of applying for... It's terrifying. I've been at this one for 5 years.... But I think after having written this list I'm pretty sure that I should apply.

Pros :
* Have no dress code. Could go work in jeans everyday.
* Keep regular office hours Mon-Fri 9-5
* Coworkers would be my age, the ones I've met are SUPER nice.
* It would be more in my field. Not quite there but possible room to grow.
* It would be permanent, not contract based.
* I wouldn't be ashamed to state my occupation like I am now. hehe
* I would feel more useful there than here
* Would save on gas
* The people there are actually computer literate. Very much so. It's kinda required heh.
* I would probably fit in a lot better there. Here my sarcastic sense of humour is mistaken for sassyness. (But their sense of humour is mistaken for stupidity, in my opinion :P)
* No more traveling around the province for ridiculously long and boring and pointless meetings. * No one would act as if they were my parent there. (Because no one would be old enough to be.) Or grandparent.
* No political crap whatsoever

Cons :
* Probably take a little pay cut BUT paid benefits and being paid for 40 hours instead of 36.25 would counter that a little.
* I would probably start with less vacation time than I have now
* They have very little sick days a year (compared to 15 here, that accumulate)
* No more 2+ hour lunches/shopping (I do that occasionally, but MOST of my lunch hours are spent at my desk being 'available'so I really don't 'gyp' them.) and no more coming and going as I please and leaving for appointments whenever.
* No traveling and no expense account


Scatterbrain said...

Do it

RoseAnn said...

Keep us posted, Nancy!

I also say go for it.

And if you want, you can be job serach buddies with Amanda and I. ;)

RoseAnn said...

Oops! *search* LOL

Anonymous said...

Sounds like there are a lot of pros there...Most times, change is a very good thing. It was for me, anyway!


Hobby Chef said...

I think you should GO FOR IT!!!!!!

k8 said...

the learning curve at your new job would be small since you have so many ppl in your corner to answer questions.