Tuesday, January 08, 2013


slightlycrazynancy.wordpress.com :)

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


We moved to : http://crazymrsnancy.wordpress.com

I still have my statcounter on here and I see that I still get quite a few unique hits on a weekly basis. I was sooo sick and tired of seing that brown template that I decided to switch to a simple non-annoying template. :)

Monday, November 05, 2007

I miss Blogger

Sigh. I love Wordpress and all that it has to offer me. It's all new and shiny. But it's not 'broken in' yet. I miss blogger. I've been with blogger for so long... like a comfy pair of old shoes. It has its drawbacks... but I miss it. Plus I kinda don't like the way my paragraphs are all smooshed together. I don't like the font that I'm displaying in. And I don't see an option to change that with the free wordpress package. So please vote and make up my mind for me. 3 options :

1 - Quit whining and deal with it. Stay with Wordpress.

2 - Go back to Blogger and have only mostly private blogs on here (password protected). I don't blog private stuff that often so I'd just post about the secret post on blogger.

3 - Go back to Blogger and forget about Wordpress. Well now that I think about this option it sounds like no fun because then I'm back to not being able to blog about stuff that I don't want specific people to read...

Please vote! :D

Friday, October 19, 2007

Don't forget...

Don't forget to update your blodlines/google readers with my new address @ crazymrsnancy.wordpress.com !



Sunday, October 14, 2007

I'm moving!

So I finally decided to make the switch over to Wordpress. So far I'm loving it :)

So add my new address to your feed reeders! : http://crazymrsnancy.wordpress.com/

PS I merged my 2 blogs in one (crazymrsnancyskeepers) so that's why you might see unfamiliar posts and a whole bunch of categories for that blog but none for my 'regular' blog. Anyways, you'll see :)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Some days are harder...

You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have the facts of life. The facts of life! I've had this song stuck in my head since yesterday. I've been humming it at the office and then I don't remember if it went away or not but Mindy wrote 'facts of life' (not in reference to the tv show though) on her blog and that darn song is back full force!!

Some days it's really really REALLY hard to stay motivated to lose weight and get fit. Right now, all I want is a nice big non-measured, non-calculated plate of shepperd's pie. Mmm. That would be SO good. But I know by now that even a 1 cup serving of shepperd's pie makes me bloat like 10lbs. I'm not kidding. Potatoes are like my nemesis. But they're sooo good. Cream corn the same thing. GAH why must everything good in life be fattening or illegal?

The day started really great when I stepped on the scale and saw that I had finally got past that darn 270! This morning I was 268, bringing me to a total of -79.6. I felt really cute this morning with my new top. I'm all set for tops for fall/winter. But my pants are falling off me. Even my shoes are big. Well. They have a pant sale at Pennington's till Saturday. I went over there on my lunch hour, and NOTHING fit right. nothing. Not even sale price worthy. My size 22 pants that I have on are literally falling off me. I tried 3-4 pairs of size 22 pants and they were too tight. WTH!! Then I tried on a pair of size 24, and it was really way too big. way way like bigger than that pants I'm wearing right now. I had to pull them up to my boobs. Then I tried a pair of size 20 in non-petites (because the petites come in just the right lenght for me), and they fit better than the size 22 petites. But still not enough to buy them. I always have problems finding nice dress pants that don't make me look like I'm 40. UGH!

So... what the fuck ever man. I've been starving and eating yucky food for almost a year and I've lost almost 80lbs and I force myself to do some painful exercise and I still haven't gone down a pant size ? What the fuck is up with that? When I got measured for new compression socks last month, she said that my ankle & calf measurements haven't really changed either. So where am I losing weight exactly? Besides my fingers because I can't wear my wedding rings anymore. Am I only losing in the boobs and between my toes and behind my ears? between my ears maybe...

Was it just Murphy's law that I didn't find a single pair of pants because there was a pant sale? I guess the store manager DID come talk to me and raved about my weight loss and how much it showed in my face etc. I mean.. I don't even care about the stupid number on the tag. I just want 3 nice pairs of dress pants that fit around the middle AND that doesn't sag down to my knees. A black pair, a brown pair, and a grey pair. Is that too much to ask, universe? Pant Gods? anyone ? Maybe I should be praying to the sewing machine Gods instead so that my sewing machine which I don't know how to use whatsoever takes it upon itself to take my pants in magically.

Does anyone else have a way harder time finding dress pants that fit vs casual pants and jeans ?

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

It's been a while...

I haven't blogged in a while... I keep forgetting to change the spelling mistake in my banner on the left, so I'm embarrassed to blog and let the mistake be seen more... but statcounter says that 500 of you came around last week so you must have noticed it anyway hehe.

When I haven't blogged in a while I never know where to even start. So be warned that this post will most likely be all over the place. First of all, I got my hair cut! look :

I really like it, but of course I can't seem to style it the way the hairdresser did.

In the spring, my coworker G gave dahlia bulbs to everyone in the office. I didn't even want any but I didn't want to be the only ungrateful one so I took 4-5 bulbs. I left them in the back of my car for like 3 weeks. Then I *think* that I finally gave them to mom when she begged me for them. NOW G is freaking out because he got all red dahlias and he thinks that I might have other colours so could I please split the bulbs in two to give him some back? Ugh... I was honnest when I told him that I haven't planted them, but I haven't told him that I think mom has them. I should call her tonight to see if she planted them already. If she did what do I do? Tell him that mine are rotted and still appear ungrateful ?

My eating is completely out of control especially during weekends. I am constantly hungry and I crave foods that I don't even like like Pizza. I made Steph order Di Angelo's twice in the past 2 weeks. I think that there might be some truth to the 'winter is coming, insulate thy self' theory. That's my excuse. I'm back on track today though I have to lose the 6lbs that I've gained and lose some new pounds.

I've got my first skin care class tonight. Although it doesn't count as a class because there's only 2 people and it takes 3 to call it a class. So it's a facial. Then I have a real skin care class booked for Oct. 19th. That's it... I was really hoping to teach 5 classes in 2 weeks to accomplish my director's challenge.... Does anyone want to help me out?? If you're in the US and you want to shop on my website, we can arrange something even though they only ship to Canada. I'll be GLAD to arrange alternate shipping :)

I feel so blah. I don't want winter to come yet. The snowblower needs to be fixed, the driveway needs to be sealed, the front step needs to be fixed, and momma needs some money. If I could just win the lottery just this once! It's all I want, just to win once!! :P

We didn't celebrate Thanksgiving. We never do. I think Steph's family used to have a Thanksgiving feast, but in my family we've never celebrated it. When I was young mom used to worry about affording a turkey for Christmas, nevermind two turkeys a year hehe. But when people started talking about their delicious turkey feast on MSN and Facebook I started to regret not having bought a turkey. Today for lunch I ate a turkey frozen meal but it wasn't the same lol. But even if I buy a turkey, we're only 2.. and Steph would most likely beg me to let him eat his turkey in front of his computer... so yeah. It wouldn't be very Thanksgivingy anyway.

I was looking on kijiji this morning and found Salsa dancing classes for beginners, in Moncton!! I've always wanted to do that!! I begged Steph to come with me and he said 'Maybe once I lose another 130lbs'. So I guess we're not starting this month :/

So that's pretty much it. Life's been pretty blah. I've got the 'winter is coming, FCK FCK FCK I don't want it to' blues.