Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year !

So our New Years Eve was pretty low key. We were supposed to go over to Tina & Shane's to play cranium, wii and drink, but Mrs. Scatterbrain ended up being really sick. So the festivities were postponed, and Steph and I decided to have a romantic NYE at home, just the two of us. What could be more romantic for 2 geeks than buying 2 video games to ring in the new year ? heh We got Guitar Hero II for the PS2, which is an absolute wrist-numbing blast! And we also got Rayman for the Wii, which is totally hilarious and really really fun hehe. We also got lobsters, mussels, ice cream and chocolates. Yum! (NYE was also pre-diet Feast hehe)

Sooo, this is day 2 of Diet # 42 000 000. So far so good :) I signed up on weightwatchers.ca online for the first time ever. It suits me a LOT better than the cheesy meetings, plus it's a LOT cheaper than ww meetings. (20$/month for online vs 48$/month for meetings plus all the $ you'll spend on ww paraphernalia displayed there....) And... guess what, this is also smoke free day #2! So far so good. I even went as far as to give all my cigarettes AND all my ahstrays to my brother. I'm already breathing better. I swear.

So it looks like everyone else has blogged about their New Years Resolutions/Goals. (I have no idea why I've started all my paragraphs with 'so' so far...) So um yeah... I could probably copy-paste my 2006 resolutions here, but just for you I'll write a fresh updated list :)
  • Lose weight! surprise surprise!
  • Reduce debt
  • Exercise regularly
  • Be kinder/less sarcastic to my dear husband

Okay I have a lot more in mind, but that's all that I'll publically admit to hehe. I don't want to be able to link to this very post in January 2008 and copy-paste the same resolutions hehe. AND I keep thinking about poor Steph who was oblivious to the fact that it had rained ice pellets all day, and when I went to pick him up at work, as soon as he came out the door both his feet went up in the air and he almost did a somersault!!! My heart stopped for the whole 2.5 seconds that he was lying on the ground, as I was about to open my door to run/slide towards him he got up and laughed his way to the car, and then I began laughing my ass off and couldn't stop LOL RememberResolutionNumberFour...RememberResolotionNumberFour...


Scatterbrain said...

Well those sound reasonable! you can do it! I'll cheer you on!


Poor Steph, did he hurt his bum bone?


Sorry I keep sneezing I must have sniffed some pepper...perhaps of the cayene variety...



CrazyMrsNancy said...

OMG :P shush!!! I almost had to kill you! :P

CrazyMrsNancy said...

burn burn burn, the burning ring of fire :P

Scatterbrain said...

Oh and your starting your paragraphs with "so" and you are saying "so yeah" because I'm rubbing off on you.

brb, my bum is itchy.


Lori Anne Haskell said...

Your NYE sounds great! I heart lobster and am totally jealous....:).

Lisa said...

Sounds like a nice relaxing night in Nanc and I would have totally have loved to have been there because I woke up pretty sick the next day after deciding it was a great idea to walk 7 city blocks in the rain, in my pj's and flip flops for a hamburger and french fries! Damn, a woman's got to eat right?