Friday, December 29, 2006

I feel like blogging

But I don't have anything to say hehe. Nothing interesting anyway. I'm watching a Degrassi : The Next Generation special right now... I know it's a teenager show, but the original Degrassi was such a part of my teenage years, that now I watch it just to see Spike, Snake, Joey and Kaitlin as adults, as they are in this new show hehe.

So my coworker M calls today, to check if there was someone in the office, because he wanted to come drop something off or something. I thought he meant priority mail or something... turns out his wife (who's Thai) wanted to give me a big huge tin full of delicious springrolls that she made! I'm always raving about how good they were hehe. I gave one to my other coworker M that was there too, and he couldn't believe how good they were. Yum!

I just finished watching The Family Stone with Sarah Jessica Parker, Luke Wilson, Rachel McAdams, Diane Keaton, Claire Danes etc.... Speaking of Claire Danes, don't you find that Justine totally looks like Claire Danes ? hehe In this movie anyways I found their faces look alike hehe. Anyways I thought that the movie was really good, but I think it was because I started watching it with very low expectations. I love that! hehe I hate when everyone gives me really high expectations for a movie and then I end up not liking it because I feel dissapointed.

Well okay, that's it. I got blogging out of my system... Back tomorrow :)


Lisa said...

That is so funny you just posted this. I got out of the shower and randomly said to Jessie "You know, someone in real life probably married Joey Jerimaiah! Ew!!" LOL.

Lisa said...

Oh..and what happened to Wheels?

Rebecca said...

Nothing makes me more annoyed then waiting for a movie from Netflix, and I get it, and it sucks. Family Stone, however, was not one of them, I liked it!

Kelsie said...

We just watched Family Stone recently as well!

I thought it was pretty good. However, I love SJP!

Leah said...

lmao, shhhh... I watch Degrassi, too.
Even worse? I tivo it. Yeah.

And btw, I just watched Family Stone of Saturday. I wasn't really interested in it when it was out in theaters, but my MIL saw it and said, "SJP is just like you." and I wanted to see wtf she went (turns out it was NOT a compliment.)

btw, I just found your ivillage blog today! I am so proud of you!

Hobby Chef said...

OMG, I remember Degrassi from waaaaay back in the day! I had no idea it was still on TV.

And I could think of worse people to look like than Claire Danes! ;-)

Scatterbrain said...

I heart Degrassi too, but you knew that already.