Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year !

I can't believe it's already year 2006. Time sure flies! I think that one of my resolutions would be to plan now for a more exiting new years eve this year. We stayed home and Jim came over, Steph spilled a bowl of salsa on the beige carpet and dog peed on the couch. I have made my traditional new years resolutions : Improve my health and become financially wiser. Will this year be the year ? Oh yes! I will lose 50lbs this year. (I have a lot more to lose.) One good thing going for me is that we've gotten bored of most greater moncton restaurants.

This year I also want to care less about what other people think. I want to make time to exercise and enjoy hobbies even if it means a less clean house. I don't even remember what a hobby is. I feel like 2005 got lost in a whirlwind of working, cleaning, watching tv and sleeping. I wish we didn't have to live to work instead of having to work to live. I want to start getting creative again. I want to learn scrapbooking, knitting and running. The latter being a long term goal. I want to take the time to cook healthy meals and try one new recipe a week.

I think that one of the reasons I feel condifent that I will lose weight and become healthier this year is that I feel like my health and nutrition knowledge is finally all coming together hehe. I have made peace with complex carbohydrates. For a while I was trying to avoid most carbs from whole wheats, fruits and starchy vegetables. It always generated rapid weight loss, but it was too restrictive for a fruit lover like me. Whole grains I don't 'care' as much for, but they are darn useful. They're good to hold my sandwich meat. NOW I think that the way (for me) to go is to avoid bad carbs like white flour, sugar and processed foods but enjoy complex carbohydrates in moderation. The diabetic clinic also told me that my good cholesterol (HDL) is low, so I have to get over my intimidation with good fats like avocado. Don't get my wrong, I have obviously NO problem whatsoever eating bad carbs and bad fats on a regurlar basis right now, which is why I'm gaining instead of losing hehe. But when I try to lose weight normally I just go all out crazy restrictive and it always backfires. This time I'm trying the slow and steady baby steps method.

Happy New Year to all of you and tell me about your relation with carbs and fats :P hehe

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but there is a new restaurant/pub opening on main street.!!