Wednesday, January 03, 2007

2006 In Review

Like everyone else and their dog, I've decided to do a 2006 year review. Just because if you all jumped off a bridge.... okay I probably wouldn't, I'm too chicken for that :P

In 2006 the following events occured in my life :


  • In January 2006 I made a whack of resolutions and didn't keep a single one :P
  • I hurt my back really bad. Ow. Was off work for like 2 weeks in pain.
  • I learned how to scrapbook! Went overboard on supplies and have barely scrapbooked since.
  • Went through a really bad depressed phase... etc.


  • A new employee joined our little office gang
  • I apparently blogged the entire 'Copa Cabana' lyrics for some reason...
  • After months of waiting, finally saw the specialist to get tortured electrocuted tested for carpal tunnel. They told me what I already knew.


  • Officially became obsessed with the Appalachian Trail
  • Fought for my right to paaaaaaaaaaaartay! Not really... but I fought for a REAL wood shed (as opposed to a Rubbermaid fake one) and won!
  • Ooooh went to see Rob Thomas (Yum!) and Ana Nalick in concert!
  • My friend Caroline moved to Ontario
  • Broken down and created a 'myspace', still don't get the hype. at. all.
  • The Wiper Incident


  • Steph turned 27 and we embarrassed him at Montanas!
  • Scott laughed at our white trash taco trays hmph! :P
  • Attempted veganism for a whole 2 days LOL!
  • Noticed that I have 5 wrinkles on my forehead
  • My brother and his family moved in and we all realized that we were WAY too cramped to happily live together!
  • Got a new shiny cell phone


  • Learned how to and made home made soap for the first time. The 3 soaps are still neatly wrapped and stored away. I haven't even tried them yet LOL


  • Bought a shed and new living room furniture and a big ass TV
  • Africa nostalgia hit real bad
  • Celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary
  • Worked really really hard on landscaping our yard, it turned out really nice and it cost an arm and a left nut
  • Bought the 1st season of Gilmore Girls on DVD and both got addicted so bad that we proceeded to buy and watch all five season before the 6th started in september.


  • Got a '10 year high school reunion' email! Holy SH!T!!!


  • I turned 27
  • Went to Magic Mountain for my nieces birthday, the one and only time I wore a bathing suit in 2006!


  • Lukas Rossi won RockStar SuperNova.. oh yeah, this is supposed to be my year review...
  • The Liberals won the provincial elections..


  • Attended Kate and Colin's wedding
  • Started making bead necklaces


  • Found out that the new Tim Hortons breakfast sandwiches have 500 calories each.. Yeah I think this was the highlight of my month. How sad.
  • Oh, actually I got picked as a iLose it for Good ivillage challenge blogger


  • Finally. Skimming over my 2006 posts bored me to death. LOL
  • Nothing review-worthy happened in december. Really. Had a good Christmas.

So yeah. 2006 was like 42 failed diet attempts. 3-4 quit smoking attemps. A whole lot of spending money on home improvements. And that's about it. The rest was spent working-sleeping-eating-cleaning-routine etc.

Or maybe I'm just a really whiny blogger ? hehe


Rebecca said...

1) I LOVE your blog headline

2) Your new pic is adorable!

3) How the hell did you remember everything that happened during each month last year? I'm going to try to do that....

Scatterbrain said...

umm...I'm very disaopinted. Did you forget to put in something very important and meaningful in your life in April *cough* before your brother moved in *cough* or maybe it was the end of march? regardless there is no mention of it.