Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives

They're going fast! Only 3.5 months left before 2008 makes it's grand entrance? Woah. Rebecca's 6 month plan challenge made me think about my 2007 resolutions.. so let's reevaluate that first. My 2007 resolutions were :

  • Lose weight (at least 50 pounds) ---> DONE!!! Today I am 67 pounds lighter than January 1st 2007.
  • Become financially wiser ---> Eh... It's getting there. We're much better off than we were January 1st 2007 at least. And we just decided to implement a new 'system' in our budget where we each now have our own savings account and each week/month we will divide our spending/leftover money equally and put that into our individual accounts, and I think that will make it less likely that we will impulsively stop at a convenience store and buy 30$ of convenience food or buy expensive snacks at the movies etc.
  • Visit NYC in 2007 ---> DONE!! I still can't believe it!!
  • Find an outdoors loving friend ---> DONE!! I've made a great friend who loves being outdoors, but she was really busy planning their wedding and then starting a new job so we haven't done much outside so far hehe.
  • Beat guitar hero in hard mode ---> I don't think I've even TOUCHED guitar hero since I've made that resolution. It sounds like an absurd resolution to make now. Looking at it I think that I probably wanted to put an 'easier' (not so life changing) resolution in there to not feel like a complete failure at the end of the year. But today, I don't care so much about this one.
  • Read more books than I did in 2006 (2006 = 35 books) ---> Hmm let's see. I've read 20 books so far in 2007. So I'd have to read 15 more and 3/4 of the year has passed... I don' tthink this one will happen. But I'm okay with that. I've read more books than a lot of other people. I've also been reading a lot of 400 pagers this year compared to last year where I had smaller books. I'm not going to read a bunch of small books just for the sake of beating last year's number hehe. I don't like to read too fast either. I like to give my imagination enough time to run wild while reading. But I'll shoot for at least 25 books in 2007 now. But 30 isn't out of the question either. Okay maybe I WILL read a handful of thinner books just because I'm competitive with myself like that hehe.

I don't even remember if we still have Guitar Hero II or if we traded it in for some game credit to buy my Nintendo DS before the trip... if we do I might give it a few tries between now and new years. I'll continue to read that's for sure. Maybe I can even bug Sophie to come to 2-3 outdoor activities with me so that I can have that resolution achieved too hehe. And with my new Mary Kay business and our new savings 'plan', hopefully I will be even more financially wiser in 3.5 months :)

Sorry Rebecca I guess I kinda cheated because this is now a 3.5 month plan instead of a 6 month plan, but I'm looking forward to achieving the rest of this and setting more resolutions on New Years 2008 :) Has anyone else crossed off a bunch of resolutions off their lists ?


Amanda said...

GO YOU! I looked back to see if I made any resolutions, and I can't find them - at least, I didn't post them. You succeeded already on the really big ones - I think we can let Guitar Hero slide, LOL!!

Amanda said...

Crap. I found them. I made the list in January...I still have until December!

Mindy said...

WHOO HOO!! I'm so proud of you, Nancy! That's awesome!

I better look at my list because only a few months to go!

Rebecca said...

Way to go Nancy!!!

Laurianne said...

I just was made aware by your blog that I must read too much... I read probably on average 3 books a week... some weeks, more than that... If I had to try to figure out how many I actually read? Not gonna happen... lol In the last 2 weeks, I know I've read at least 5... and I'm almost done reading 2 more... lol

Peeps said...

Aw, am I your outdoor friend? LOL. Seriously, we really have to do an outdoorsy thing soon...I haven't done anything major this year...maybe we can plan something before the winter comes? Camping? Renting a little chalet at Fundy? Anything? lol.

Hobby Chef said...

I just recently started keeping a book journal - of the books I read and the dates I start them. I have no clue how many books I read in a year, but it is a lot.