Wednesday, January 17, 2007

More on resolutions/goals

I was thinking about my resolutions. Is there a record for the most reccuring resolution ever? I've had "Lose Weight" on the very top of my New Year's resolutions list every single year since I was about 8 years old. Crazy. So I was thinking... if I had to think of 2007 resolutions/goals that actually sound fun and aren't depressing they would be:

  • Visit NYC in 2007
  • Find a hiking buddy and go hiking more often, since I actually love it
  • Find a beach buddy... okay maybe what I need is an outdoors loving not too fit friend. Anyone know someone suitable for this position? hehe Do you know how hard it is to find outdoors loving friends when you constantly naturally gravitate towards geeks in gatherings?
  • Beat Guitar hero II in Hard mode... ooh ambitious... might necessitate carpal tunnel injections too.. okay I'll downgrade this goal to 'medium mode'.
  • Read more books than I did in 2006. Keep track with Tadalist to not forget any. I'm on book #2 right now. (You: On a Diet)

All the fun goals I'm thinking could basicaly be summed up by : Find more time for hobbies. So I guess I'll do that. I've DREAMED of visiting NYC ever since I began watching Sex And The City. I even want to go and take a SATC tour. But if we want to go to China in 2008, I don't think NYC will happen in 2007 unless I win the jackpot. I should like get sponsored for my trip to NYC where people would donate to the fund everytime I lose 10lbs or something :P Or maybe Steph could agree to let me go alone, and eat ramen noodles for a whole month, maybe that would be more feasible.


Hobby Chef said...

I will go to NYC with you in 2007!

Rebecca said...

If you lived closer, Lori would love to go hiking with you! (I would too, but she's a little more into it then me :)

Crazymrsnancy said...

Hobby Chef : EEEEEEEEEeeek wouldn't it be fun if it actually happened? Heather, Kelsie, Amanda, are you in if I win the lottery? hehehe

Rebecca: Yeah me and Lori in the forest together, the animals would think that we're papparazzi!! hehe It would be fun!

Laurianne said...

Guitar Hero one will be tough... I've beat all the songs on Medium... I'm working towards getting 5 stars on them all... got about 2/3 with 5 stars... and I can't get through a single song on hard... lol