Wednesday, July 11, 2007

HWBC # 16

HWBC # 16 - I'd like you to write about how you met your significant other. Try to include as many details as possible, including your original impressions. Who asked whom out? What was the first date like? Instant chemistry, or did you want to run for the hills?

BTW, when I tell the story of how Steph and I met, if I'm telling it to people from my generation I tell the truth (we met online). When I tell older people I say "we met at a party" (which we did, after we met online hehe. We met at the party in person for the first time.) Because if I tell them I met Steph online they're all shocked and "You met on the internet? How could you trust anyone from the internet? etc." I'm sure that many of you would agree that when you spend a lot of time writing/emailing/chatting with someone online, sometimes you get to know them really really fast and well. I don't mean when you meet a person online and spend 2 hours chatting with them. I mean when you meet someone online and you talk daily for months/years.

In 1999 : I was going out with Sean, and a group of us (irc nerds) always went out for breakfast at Doc Dylan's followed by either Pool at Dooly's or a movie, every Sunday around noon. That 'Sunday Ritual' went on for a long time, with different people in the ritual group depending on who was in town etc. Well Steph used to be part of the ritual for a while, but it was before my time. So we had friends in common, I had heard about him, seen pics of him etc, but I had never met him. Then when S and I stopped dating is when Steph returned from college and resumed the ritual. weird huh hehe.

S and I used to chat online while we were both at work, or maybe he was on vacay, I don't remember. Anyway he says : Hey did you know that Ironwall also works for the Summit? (That's when all of us were spending all our free time chatting on #moncton on efnet - irc.) So later that day Ironwall messages me and he says "So apparently you also work for the Francophonie Summit? I say : well I actually work on a different site at the "Village de la Francophonie" I think we chatted 5 minutes and that was it. We both had bf/gf's then.

In 2000 : PJ_GIRL is lonely in Africa and Ironwall is lonely in NB because things were going downhill with his ex gf. We started talking on irc again. It turned into an everyday thing. I was going with J and he was with L but soon after they broke up.

In 2001 : We were chatting on irc every day, for at least 2 hours a day. I always looked forward to chatting with him, he was one of my best 'internet friends'. I was living in Bathurst with J, he was living in Fredericton with his parents (between college and his first real job.) One day he said that he got a job in Moncton and that he was moving, didn't know when he would have internet set up again, etc. Not long after I convinced J that it was time for us to move to Moncton too. When I got the internet I immediately went online, on irc and wrote in the channel : Has anyone seen Ironwall lately? and Megz (I wonder what he's up to now hehe) said : Yeah he was online last night. I said : OMG, do you know where abouts Moncton he moved to? Megz said : Yeah, on McLaughlin Dr. I say : Me too! So we had moved literally accross the street from each other hehe.

That week we were chatting on irc and CJCW was having an "irc party" at his place, and that's where I met Stephane AND Tina (Scatterbrain) for the first time hehe.

The rest is history, you all know the rest. We've been together for 6 years next month, and steph's ex L and my ex J have been together for a year now. Wow time flies eh?

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Jenn said...

I'm glad that it worked out for you and Stephane. Too funny that y'all moved onto the same street. It was meant to be. :o)