Wednesday, July 11, 2007

HWBC # 15.5

Well, the current HWBC is #16th... and my food quirks I wrote that it was #15... I think I'm mixed up in the HWBC #'s so anyway I'll call the backstory challenge # 15.5 hehe.

Heather's Wednesday Blog Challenge # 15.5 - Your challenge is to write a backstory. Something that you've never told the blog world about - even though you may have mentioned it on a messageboard or something like that. If you can't think of anything that *needs* to be explained, just write a story from your past that we've never heard before.

Well, I think that most of the time I don't hold back any details. In fact I'm kind of the Queen of TMI. So here's a brand new story that I've never told the blogging world. I think ? *thinks* Okay I've been staring at my screen for 15 mins, occasionally distracted by Regis Philbin on tv wearing bright red pants with a black & red stripped tie and a black jacket. He looks like a circus guy or something. So it'll have to be a boring one :

When I was in university, my roomate Melanie and I moved in a week before class started so that we could explore the (tiny) city, etc. The first day, Mel went down to her friend's car to get some music and as she got in the car, 2 guys began fighting in the parking lot and one pulled a knife and got got scared so she locked herself in the car and the guys ended up fighting on the hood of the car for a few minutes. The next day, I went to the old dirty only laundromat in town, and while I was doing laundry this little guy no older than 8 years old comes in and tries to sell me a variety of pills and drugs. Then the next day Mel and I walk downstairs to go walk around town, and 2 guys from an appartment on the ground floor are sitting on their deck and invite us over for a beer (we had said hello to them a few times in passing) so we said sure. They're nice and everything, after a while we go inside to use their bathroom and lo and behold there's this ginormous like 6 feet tall Virgin Mary statue sitting in the middle of their kitchen. They finally admitted that they stole it from somewhere. As we were trying to find an excuse to leave, they said " wait we have to show you this trick... " after the lame trick (I don't remember exactly what it was but it had to do with one of the guys writing a date on his forearm with soap so that when he rubbed ashes on it the date magically appeard. Then I ask them : where did you learn this trick ? Oh in prison... We left immediately. So that was the first impression we had of our University town (UMCS). The rest of the year was a blur of partying, my dating a guy whom I immediately dumped after learning that he had a wife and baby and was cheating on them with me. *puke*, one of the prison/virgin mary guys coming up to my appartment, forcing the door open and tried to force himself on me, and then me finally quitting university when the year ended.

I think that I thought about that story because after the mary/prison/rapist dude tried his stunt one of our guy friends brought a couple of his friends to have a good 'talk' with prison dude who never bothered us ever again, in fact they would go inside their appartment if they happened to be outside when we walked outside.... well anyway that 'guy' that 'saved' us, I saw him on Facebook last week hehe. So weird. He used to be a guitarist in a popular local band. He was 'THE shit'. Not that he's not anymore, but it's funny how people grow up and change. He's now a nurse in a hospital and looks so... grown up hehe. He told me : woah, I would have NEVER recognized you! (In university I had long pitch black hair hehe)

Anyway, that's my long rambly boring weird story of the day :)

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