Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Hah! It works! Thanks Kelsie!

Yay for titles! Thanks Kelsie for showing me the 'trick'.

I just realized that I haven't blogged about our new 'roomate'. On June... hah I just had to ask Steph.. I totally couldn't remember if it was June 28th or 29th :

PJ_GIRL (01:05 PM) :
when did Brian move here ? do you remember ?
PJ_GIRL (01:05 PM) :
was it ON our wedding anniversary ? I can't remember..
IronWall (01:06 PM) :
Yes, he brought in the flowers.
PJ_GIRL (01:07 PM) :
aah yeah, It's funny how I didnt have a fit that he was moving in on our anniversary. it must have been the roses hehe

Anyway. So yeah Brian finally *Hallelujah* got fed up with his (ex) gf and decided to leave and get back on his feet. So he's living with us now, basically until one of the three of us can't take it anymore hehe. He came with nothing but the clothes on his back, literally. We're adjusting pretty well, the worst thing is that there are 3 of us adults with full time jobs and different work schedules. Steph and I's schedules' mesh pretty well (I work 8h15-4h30 and he works 9-5... but I do more like 9-4h30 through lunch. Exept when I take a long lunch. Anyway, it all works out I promise :P) But Brian works 12h45pm-10h45pm. Hopefully he can buy a clunker soon.


I will now answer my fan mail (or blog comments) during the intermission.
*feel free to imagine elevator music playing softly in the background*

Rebecca asked : Didn't you go to New York though?

Dear Rebecca : My NYC vacation is at the end of August and I can't WAIT!! I want kick up the weight loss again to look my best for the big apple, but I keep giving in to the vacation temptations! Eating hot-dogs and skittles while watching Days of our lives in my sweat pants is such a vacationy thing to do!! On Friday (the 6th), I was down 55 lbs. Then I gained 10lbs over the weekend. GAH! Bloat is my nemesis. Thankfully I'm already back down to - 51lbs this morning. But I can't wait to get back to -55. It has such a nice ring to it. Sorry for rambling in my answer lol.

K8 asked : Did the coffee make the headache go away?

Dear K8 : I am glad to report that the headache went away almost instantly. Although Steph bought this chocolats flavored coffee and it's nasty. I'd rather have my beloved President's Choice Dark Roast. Mm. But now we're out of nasty coffee and we only have instant left which only my parents and Steph drink. I don't understand why people drink instant coffee. It's almost coffee but not really. It's cacaffee. It's coffee with an inferiority complex. I should harrass Steph to pick up some good coffee on the way home.

~~~~Please Return to Your Seats~~~~

OMG I can't stop rambling. Gah! I was going to blog about how wonderful and great my husband is with the whole roomate in law situation and all that crap, but I think I've rambled on long enough. This household needs another car so bad!! I'm on vacation and I'm stuck home with no car and the highlight of my day is going for a walk with my coat and umbrella because the weather can't decide what it wants to be this summer. It's cold and gray and wet and nasty. When it's hot (rarely, if you blink you miss it) it's super muggy then a super bad thunder storm ensues, if it's sunny and warm it's raining at the same time... At least it's a great summer for rainbows. Trying to find the silver lining....

PS - Are yall watching Big Brother? OMG I LOVE the house!!! I love the tiny beds with the cute big boys in them and the big huge tall beds with tiny gay men in them. All the drama might get old fast, but for now I love it. And I love their decor again. It's always one of my favorite things about watching big brother : the decor. I wonder if the designers ever get praise for the show.
OH I think the sun came out a little, I'm off to catch the ray before it dissappears!


Jenn said...

I am watching BB. Jason is watching the After Dark show on Showtime, but I just don't have time to watch 3 extra hours of TV every day.

Peeps said...

Geez, I don't even know what days of the week BB plays...LOL. I suck.