Tuesday, June 26, 2007

June 30 - July 15 : Vacation Relaxation to-do list

My 1st 2007 vacation starts Friday at 4h31pm !!! You're all aware of my slight obession with making lists, so do I really need to justify my vacation relaxation to-do list ?

******** Sunny Days
* Go to Hopewell Rocks
* Go walk in Centennial Park
* Go walk in Mapleton Park
* Go walk in Irishtown nature park
* Go to the beach
* Go to Le Pays de la Sagouine
* Go see Canada day fireworks
* Have July 1st BBQ/firepit
* Work around the yard

******** Rainy Days
* Go see "License to Wed"
* See "Harry Potter"
* Organize photographs
* Bead necklaces
* Learn to use sewing machine
* Read


Rebecca said...

Sounds like you have a lot of stuff planned! And if you'd like to sew a blouse for me I'd be happy to send it ;)

miika said...

Maybe I should start making a list like that, too... although mine will be mostly quilts at the moment, I'm trying to get caught up :-)
But I hope you get to do everything! and if you need help with the sewing machine, feel free to ask.