Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I <3 Bullets

  • I'm completely off track diet-wise since Friday and I feel like a cow. Must stop this immediately. Well after this last handful of Sour Skittles.
  • Is anyone else pissed that they seem to have discontinued the regular Sour Skittles and they replaced them with "Double Sour Skittles", which might I point out, are most certainly NOT doubly sour. Hmph.
  • My legs are shaved. My hair is straightened. I've been wearing make-up everyday for like 2 weeks. My fingernails are painted. My.toenails.are.painted. What the hell is happening to me???
  • Since I've eaten like a pigglet since Friday, I've gained 10 pounds. Probably most of it is salty bloat. At least I got all of my cravings out of me. I ate hot-dogs, nachos and Thai food. Yum. Oh and ice cream. lots of sour skittles. Blech I'm actually craving veggies. At lunch I was almost ready to go back to eating healthily. Almost. I ordered a slice of veggie pizza. It was good.
  • I just finished reading The Celestine Prophecy and it was really interresting.
  • I think I might start the Anne of Green Gables serie.
  • It's my wedding anniversary in 2 days!!! 4 years already ! Isn't that completely insane? I'm convinced that time actually picks up speed as it passes.
  • At Simcha's Friday night, they had a gorgeous bouquet of flowers that he had bought for Lisa, and he went on and on about how good a price they were at Danielle's flowershop. I HOPE Steph got the hint!! I hope I at least get a card. It's not that I'm demanding to be spoiled, I just want something else than the same old same old you know? I want him to thank me for picking up his socks off the floors for 4 years now! hehe kidding.
  • I can't WAIT for big brother to start this year!
  • Oh yeah, I also started occasionally wearing dangly earrings.
  • And I bought high heeled pointy shoes. pointy shoes. me. Maybe it's the time of year.
  • My dog is looking at me with big sad puppy eyes. He's trying to push my hands off the keyboard with his wet nose. haha! I guess it's doggy playtime hehe.


Jenn said...

I can't wait for Big Brother either. Unfortunately, I will be on vacation from the 29th to the 8th, so I won't get to see it until I get home. I have to make sure my DVR is ready.

Lisa said...

Yeah, for the makeover!