Monday, June 25, 2007

Weekend Update

You know you don't blog often enough when it takes you about 7 tries to enter your correct password!

Friday night we went to S&L's and hung out there for a while, then watched What Not To Wear and vegged. Saturday morning we made plans to hang out with S&T that night, but when night came, all 4 of us decided that we were too tired and decided to vege instead. Steph played a ps2 game and I played (and cleared) Nancy Drew - Creature of Kapu Cave. Sunday my parents were in town but they hadn't seen each other in 2 weeks, so Steph and I went to have dinner at Vien Dong and to see Evan Almighty so that they could have the house to themselves. I am blocking out of my mind what they could have possibly done alone in the house. (ew, they're my parents.)

I can't believe that I'll be on vacation next week!!!!!!!!!

I can't believe that Christmas is exactly 6 months away!


Hobby Chef said...

What do you have planned for your week off?

Lisa said...

Holidays! Yeah! Wish you were coming to London, I'd take you to my favourite restuarant The Black Trumpet and we'd eat too much food and then we would head over to the Plantation for dessert. We may do a bit of walking in Victoria Park first to make room...and then go watch a play at the Grand. Oh...I want to do that with you!!