Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Nobody puts Baby in a corner

Dirty Dancing rocked!!! It was sold out, the place was jam packed with estrogen. Whenever Johnny Castle was shirtless women howled. I jumped when the woman next to me screamed in exitement when Johnny said "Nobody puts Baby in a corner". When the movie started, it was playing in widescreen, and it appeared waaaaay too stretched out, the actors all looked like fat midgets it was absolutely hilarious! The girl sitting next to me (Not Sophie, the stranger on the other side) said "I have a feeling it won't be as sexy, Dirty Dancing the midget version". Hah! Thankfully after 5 minutes of this nonsense they fixed it. We got there an hour and a half before the show started because we knew it was sold out.. you know me, always stressing about 'what am I going to say? I'm not a chatter, I hate small talk, I can't make conversation when I HAVE to etc etc etc". Well the movie was starting and I still couldn't shut up! lol I even interrupted what Sophie was saying a few times and I'm so sorry Sophie, it is my BIGGEST pet peeve when someone interrupts me (and keeps doing it) when I'm talking.

Did you watch The Gilmore Girls last night ? OMG was it ever good eh? (OMG do I ever sound like a Maritimer eh? lol) I cried when Lorelei sang "I will always love you" looking at Luke straight in the eyes (while trying to forget that she was sounding like a sheep in pain. Although Steph thinks that she didn't sing that bad.) And I cried when Logan asked Lorelei's permission to ask Rory's hand in marriage!!!! I can't believe that they would end the show like that!!

Okay, I need something mildly dressy to attend this summer. I bought the cutest dress ever yesterday, at Walmart of all places. I have to say, I really think George clothes rock. I mean yeah the quality is not great, but for the price, you know ? Especially for someones who buys clothes as often as I do *blush*.


Mindy said...

I'm SO jealous! I bet that was so much fun!

I just bought a George dress, too! It's white with a dark brown floral print. LOVE it! Have fun shopping!

Lisa said...

I wanted to see Dirty Dancing so bad in a theatre! I'm extrememly jealous!

As for Gilmore Girls, so awesome, so so so awesome!

And George rocks Nancy! There is this cute short-sleeved sweater I have been eyeing...just need to have an occasion for it.

Peeps said...

Dirty Dancing rocked :)

And I don't remember you interrupting, and I always talk during movies. LOL.

I had a lot of fun and I'm glad we had the occasion to hang out together. Next outing: Spiderman!