Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Dental hygiene overenthusiasm

The first time it couldn't have happened at a worst time; We had just driven 3 hours to Bathurst when Steph's grandfather died a few years ago. I was tired, my emotions were on the fritz... we had just arrived at his aunt and uncles house in the middle of the night. I go to the bathroom to brush my teeth and somehow I break my toothbrush in two pieces. The important end, the one with the actual brush on it, was only big enough for the bristles and I the other piece was the handle. I was standing in front of the mirror with the little 1 inch brush in my mouth and the toothbrush handle in my hand. I got the giggles. Most inapropriate time ever! Isn't there anything more hilarious then a plain inapropriate time to laugh? I don't know if it's my nerves, but when I'm not 'allowed' to laugh, I find it incredibly hard to stop laughing! The worst time ever for that was in church! At the front, laughing into the microphone, a LOT of echo... and a loud snort. Thank God it was only a practice!!

The second time was not that memorable, because I don't remember the details exept from yelling "Not AGAIN? Steph, I snapped my toothbrush again!" And now... it's happening again. In slow motion this time. For the past 3-4 times that I've brushed my teeth, I hear little snapping sounds coming from the toothbrush. It's ready to break. This is even a new brand of toothbrushes that I tried because I thought that there was something wrong with pink Oral-B's for some reason. I bought a pink GUM this time. Maybe pink toothbrushes are just not made as strong ? That doesn't sound too probable.. but I'm NOT strong, not in shape, not by any means. Why do I keep breaking my toothbrush? Yes I change it every 2 months, I don't think that I'm brushing hard... unless it's one of those unconscious things like when I'm at work and I suddenly realize that I'm clenching my jaw so hard that it hurts.

Maybe the pink toothbrushes are just cursed ? Maybe I should go out and buy a pink one for Steph and a blue one for me to see if he would break his? We've been using pink or red for mine and blue or purple for his for like 6 years, we'd probably get mixed up when we're groggy in the morning. Well when I'm groggy. Steph is always Mr. fucking sunshine in the mornings, exept since yesterday. Yesterday he got snippy because I had left the vacuum at the door entrance. Dude, what the hell. Yes it's not like me to leave a vacuum in the entrance, but I was planning to vacuum the stairs before the nasty cold hit, and since then it's just been sitting there. I hate vacuuming the stairs. It's so hard on the back. Last night I even cleaned the guest bedroom and re-arranged the furniture in there and ignored the vacuum. And tonight is Dirty Dancing *squeal* so I can't possibly ruin a Dirty Dancing night by vacuuming when I get home.

Instead, I will probably come home from Dirty Dancing all happy and giddy and beg Steph to dance with me, and he'll refuse as always, and I'll take his hands and start dancing like a maniac anyway, and if anyone is watching through the windows, they won't think that I'm recreating a dance scene from Dirty Dancing, but they'll think that I'm recreating a scene from "Weekend at Bernie's".


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Mindy said...

I can't wait to hear how Dirty Dancing was. I just bought a tshirt that says "Nobody puts Baby in a corner" LOVE it!

Lisa said...

LOL, that cracked me up! I can just picture the two of you dancing like maniacs, love it!!