Friday, May 25, 2007

Heather's Challenge # 12 : Songs

What are the songs that have particular meaning in your life? AND - what is that meaning? What's the story behind the song?

My list will not be in chronological order, because my memories are scrambled like that hehe.

He Wasn't Man Enough - Toni Braxton : When we were in Africa, Annick had brought her Toni Braxton CD.. One night a bunch of us were sitting outside, having a nice 'refreshment', when Annick put "He wasn't man enough for me" on. Well, our camerounese friends just went nuts over this song!! We all started dancing, they taught us to dance like Africans, and we showed them how to 'dance' like Canadians. They thought that the way we dance is completely hilarious lol! For the rest of our stay there, we played that song over and over and over because they kept coming to visit us to ask us to play it. Every time I hear it on the radio now I get teary eyed, sing loud and remember one of the most amazing experiences of my life. The other song that we had on 'repeat' for our entire stay there was from a group that THEY introduced to us that we fell in love with Napesi - Makoma. (OMG I'm thrilled to bits that the video is finally on youtube! *dance*) And of course Premier gaou - Magic System.

Butterfly Kisses - Bob Carlisle : Yep, you guessed it, this was my father-daughter dance song at our wedding. I think that this was the one and only times in my life that I've dance with my father. You know how incredibly shy I am right ? Well I get that from dad hehe. We love each other but we're too shy to say it. We know it, but we can't say it. The only time we can hug is when mom harrasses us to do it. You might think that it's a shame that we're this shy with one another, but I think that we totally get each other, we're so alike. During the whole song we danced and looked in each other's eyes. We were both teary eyed and red faced. We didn't have to say a thing, we just enjoyed the moment.

Turn me on - Kevin Lyttle : You'd think that I'd chose our wedding's first dance song as my "Stephane" song, but I chose this one. When I think about our first dance, I think about how he was dreading dancing in front of a crowd. Our first dance song isn't that special to us to be honnest. Of course it was amazing with all of our friends and family standing in a circle around us and blowing bubbles... okay that sounds corny, but it really is fun to be bombarded with bubbles I swear. LOL! Anyway, one night we were having a party at our house, and this song was playing, we were all drunk as hell and I went to get another drink in the kitchen and Steph followed me and he grabbed me the way most women dream to be grabbed, kissed me, when I opened my eyes we were on the bathroom floor doing it. No one at the party noticed. This is soooo uncharacteristic of Steph to do that, that it's one of my favorite song-memories hehe.

I have some great ex boyfriends song-memories that I don't think I should elaborate on hehe My top 3 : Paranoid Android - Radiohead (Keven), Kiss me - Sixpence None The Richer (Denis), Black Jesus - Everlast (Jake : the bird, bird, bird, yes the bird is the word LOL!) Since Lauri is probably reading this (Steph's ex, Jake's girlfriend, my internet friend, yes we're all a bunch of weirdos lol. I'll elaborate on that one. It was when we were living in Boring Bathurst, in my parents garage.. me, Jake and Brian in the freezing garage singing that song over and over. And we'd roll on the floor laughing at the "bird bird bird is the word" part. LOL I still crack up when I hear that song hehe.)

Songs from great times with great friends in high school : Basket Case - Green Day, Come Out and Play - The Offspring, Evenflow - Pearl Jam, Nirvana's entire In Utero Album, and many more, but I have to cut this short, I've already taken like 2 hours to write this because I keep listening to the whole songs and reminiscing lol. As you can see I'm a big music lover, and the way that I described the stories behind the songs don't do justice to what I feel when I hear them, kwim? So anyway, that was a glimpse into my song-memories hehe.


k to the 8 said...

this makes me open my R&B music folder and listen to the most sappy songs i love.

Leah said...

this was a great list. I'm about to pimp laughing about the explanation for "Turn Me On". Dayum, freaky deaky!