Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Weekend Update

Hey! I'm slacking off with the blogging aren't I? Ah well, I vowed to enjoy every minute of our short summer this year, and I'm doing it! hehe I had a fantastic weekend! I spent all day Saturday working in the yard/flowers with my brother, almost-sister in law and mother in law. Sunday we cleaned the patio because we're going to stain it next weekend, and we hadn't stained it in 3 years so the wood had turned all grey. We tried 2 kinds of deck cleaner : Thompson's and Olympic, and let me tell you, the Olympic deck cleaner is awesome! You drop a drop of the stuff on your greyed wood and it instantly returns to it's natural wood colour. (If anyone from Olympic is reading this, please contact me so that I can provide my address for all the free products :P)

Monday I was so pooped that it didn't take a lot of convincing to get me to stay home since Steph had the afternoon off for Memorial day. Well they were getting the afternoon off if they could raise 1000$ for charity with a bake sale, and they raised 1700$ go IK! So Steph brought a sugar pie from the bake sale.. and a lasagna. We split the lasagna for lunch.. that's okay. (The lasagna was delicious Kate!! Steph didn't even pick the peppers out! hehe) But then I dove mouth first into the delicious sugar pie that tasted just like my grandmother used to make. It didn't have the same consistence (Does anyone remember fudgy-textured sugar pies our grandmother used to make? I'm beginning to think that they're a myth. They're unfindable.) but it tasted just like it. I ate like 3/4 of it. And gained. four. pouds. Blech. But don't worry, I'm back on track this morning. I even exercised tonight go me! Well, that's it. I'm trying to blog as I'm eating my supper (a salad, yes at 10h15pm) and my salad is getting warm and I have this thing about eating warm salad. blech. Hope you're all doing well! RoseAnn, I'm keeping your brother and his family in my thoughts and prayers!


miika said...

Yay for great weekends! I can't say I've ever had sugar pie, but it sounds yummy. And another "yay!" for your for getting right back on track, way to go! Oh, I meant to post that on your last blog with your picture, I think your hard work is starting to show.

Rebecca said...

If it makes you feel better, I stepped on the scale for a first time in a week and I'm up 3 pounds, couldn't be from all the crap I've consumed in the past 4 days now, could it??? :)

Sounds like you had a great weekend!

RoseAnn said...

Thanks for the good thoughts, Nancy!

Right now we're counting our blessings.

k8 said...

I made sure to try to cut up all the extras up.. green peppers, red peppers, mushrooms, and onions. I tried to keep them small without making them disapear. The lasagna's we eat at home, all the extra's are super big.
Glad you liked it!