Wednesday, May 23, 2007

HBC # 11

Challenge # 11 : Describe a typical day in your life. I was going to do this one in pictures, then I realized that I couldn't really bring my camera at work, and I don't think my coworkers and clients would like their pictures on my blog, so that meant 3/4 of my day would be censored hehe. Here is a description instead.

6h00am - alarm clock goes off, mumble at Steph to set it for 6h30am

6h30am - alarm clock goes off, beg Steph to set it for 7h00am.

7h00am - alarm clock goes off, try to ignore Steph harrassing me to wake up.

7h06am - Give up and go to the bathroom. Rush to get ready. PS am I the only one who prefers to do my hair before doing my make up?

8h00am - Breakfast served by Chef Steph

8h01am - Loki begs and whines and cries for a measly little single piece of bacon. Steph usually caves and gives him a few pieces of turkey bacon and that keeps him begging every time.

8h15am - brush teeth, grab lunches, head out to work

8h30am - Drop off Steph at Infiknowledge, drive to my work

8h50am - arrive at my work (it would take 5 minutes without the traffic)

8h51am - Grab a cup of hot coffee. Grumble if the coffee pot is empty.

8h52am - Say good morning to everyone and engage in mindless small talk. Pretend that I enjoy that.

8h55am - Read blogs and various RSS feeds, check boards, emails, chat on msn, all the fun stuff. Insert some random interruptions at various times from coworkers, mail people, clients, phones, people that are looking for the lawyers, denturologists, etc etc around my building. I might put all the 'fun' stuff aside to focus on a project, but most of the time I just chat, read a blog, etc while I'm working.

12h00pm - Phew, now I don't actually have to try to look busy for an hour. So I eat my lunch while reading the newspaper, do the sudoku in the paper. Sometimes I go out to run errands, shopping etc during my lunch hour.

1h00pm - Do the same thing I was doing at 8h55am, until 4h30pm. At some point around 3 I have a yogurt, and then around 4 I wash my dishes from lunch.

4h30pm - Leave to go home and pick up Steph and run various errands on the way.

5h00pm - Steph gets in the car

6h00pm - We're home, if we didn't run any errands besidesp icking up the mail on the way, maybe just stopping for a 2L of diet pop. Bad, I know.

7h00pm - In the evenings we : make supper, eat supper, clean up after supper, work out if we're good, watch tv shows and spend too much time online. The order of these things depend on our moods hehe

11hpm-12ham - Get ready for bed and read for 45 minutes.

12ham-1ham - In bed

*Revels in her averageness*

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