Sunday, April 29, 2007

Yay! Girls Night Out!

Dirty Dancing was my favorite film when I was growing up. Since I've seen it about 42 zillion times, I think it qualifies as my favorite movie of all time. I've never seen it on the big screen, because there were no big screens where I grew up hehe. So you can imagine how exited I was when I saw a commercial for this on tv! :

I posted a note on Facebook and tagged all the Moncton girls I know, hopeing that surely one of them would share my enthusiam! Apparently, not so much. Thank God for Miss Sophie, the newly engaged, who maybe said yes because she was still in her euphoric newly engaged state hehe. I can't wait!!


Peeps said...

Ahaha!!! I love Dirty Dancing though, and would have said yes anyway!

MC Mélancolie said...


Si je n'étais pas si loin je m'inviterais pour sur!!!

C'est tellement un de mes films préféré! J'entends juste la musique et je viens les yeux plein d'eau!