Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Blog Challenge # 8

Wow, I'm actually doing Heather's Wednesday Blog Challenge on time for once. I should start calling it HWBC for short. This week's challenge is : Write about one of (or some of!) the things you did wrong when you were a kid. Wow.. where to begin? hehe

Well first of all, I've done the SAME thing that Heather did LOL! I went snooping under the bathroom sink and found mom's sanitary pads, and decided to try one on. Like Heather, I was sure that they were to be worn sticky side up. Uncomfortable!! hehe

One time, at band camp... er I mean, at home, when I was about 12 years old, I was snooping (yes again) in my mother's nigthstand and found some novelty condoms. (Like glow in the dark, with plastic french tickler attached etc hah) I was so very curious, I had to open the package to see and touch a condom. For the full 'effect', I stuck it on the handle of my mom's tennis racket that I grabbed from her closet. Holy frig, that condom-covered tennis racket handle looked huge! I decided that I was never going to have sex, and put the racket away but forgot the condom and it's wrapper on my moms bed. Well when she came home, I had some explaining to do!! ACK!! Thankfully she believed me that it was just curiosity and that no boy had been used for the discovery hehe.

When I was about 10 and my brother was about 6, for about a month I made him do anything I wanted him to do just by saying "Well when Hulk Hogan was your age, he did that for his sister." LOL!!

I'm trying to think of the other 'bad' things I did as a child, and I think that I was pretty darn angelic. At least until I moved out of my parents home to go to University. That's when all my 'bad' stories occur I think...

I think that all my 'bad' things revolved around sneaking food.... like how my mother would give me 2$ to buy a complete meal at the school cafeteria. (Remember when a small bag of chips was a quarter and a pop was a quarter? hehe Good ole days.) Anyways, it cost 2$ exactly for the full meal.. but if you took something like pizza, or a plate of fries (which were offered about once a week) it only cost 1$. My mom didn't want me eating those things because I had been trying to lose weight ever since I was a fetus I think.. So some days I'd secretly take a pizza slice or a plate of fries, and throw away the remaining 1$ bill in the trash can so that my mother wouldnt know! hehe

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