Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Do you ever feel completely uncomfortable sometimes? I do. Like today. My socks both have holes near the big toes, my pants are full of static and rising up and clinging to my legs, and my sweater is too short. And today is Administrative Assistands Day, and no one has remembered or mentionned anything. Now I hope that they don't remember because then they'll say "Why haven't you mentionned it?" I just hate doing that "Hey look at me! Buy me lunch or something". It's weird though, normally at least the Deputy Minister or the Minister will at least send us a nice little email... And they usually do something nice for all the Admin. Assistants there in Fredericton. But year-end is this month and everybody is going nucking futs. I don't know why, year end will happen every freaking year so... what's the point in getting their knickers in a knot ? It's not very comfortable and it makes you walk funny.

Happy Administrative Assistants day to all of you other admin asses out there!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Nancy, Well I for one think that you should have gotten a free lunch or some flowers for AP Day!!! Yes, the station I work for puts on the AP Gala every year, and it was Tuesday night! What a fun time! (Other than the fact I was working, lol, but we got to drink while we worked!) Did any of the ladies from your office in Freddy get to go? Heather (h_boies) I deleted my blog becuase people were being mean and trying to start shit with me....