Tuesday, April 24, 2007

When I'm dead

I now know exactly what I'll look like when I'm dead. I saw it this morning in the mirror. I'm catching Steph's dang cold, and this morning I was in the bathroom and a mega wave of nausea hit me. I was trying to breathe it out.. I was on the throne, the trash bin next to me was overflowing with Steph's used kleenexes piled a foot high (it's in a corner)... as I was trying to decide wether I should throw the trash bin's contents all over the floor to have it empty and ready 'just in case'... I was having cold sweats and shaking and finally it passed. But then I got up and looked at myself in the mirror and I almost puked then. OMG I looked scary! I was literally green/yellow. I swear! I thought it was just an expression. I looked like a dead person. Ah well, now my head is pounding, my throat hurts and tickles... And I'm eating echinacea and vitamin C like they're going out of style, and hoping for the best. Ugh not exactly what I wanted for the first real beautiful days of the year :-s


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Mindy said...

Nancy! So sorry you got Steph's sickness! GAH! Seems you are always sick, girl!

And honey, if I were ever up in your area - I would SO PLAY CRANIUM with you! I'm FABULOUS at the hummdingers! But you know what? My team always makes me do all of the spelling stuff. Because I rock at spelling. ROCK.


Boiesy said...

Awww Feel better girl!!!