Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Quirky Nancy

Heather's Wednesday blog challenge is about our quirks. I love reading about everyone elses! hehe We have a lot in common so far!

  • I can't go grocery shopping unless I have planned my meals for the week, made a list of the ingredients needed and arranged my list in order of their location in the store. That way I don't really need to cross stuff off my list, I just fold my list over the things I already have in my cart as I go along.
  • At home I only check if the door is locked once before leaving. At work I check it about 3-4 times everytime. My coworker J does the same. So when we leave at the same time the front door gets rattled and checked about 6 to 8 times in the span of 5 minutes hehe. If I see J rattle the door and even if she declares that it's locked, I can't leave until I rattle it too.
  • When I go to the bathroom at work, I check to make sure the door is locked 3 times. Once, I told myself that this was silly and midly OCD so I'd just lock it and move on from now on... and I sat down and my coworker B walked in on me! LOL The ONE time that I didn't check 3 times! Now I'm back to checking 3 times hehe.
  • I hate drinking out of a glass without ice in my drink. Unless I drink straight from the bottle. We go through about 3 trays of ice per night at home hehe.
  • When I go to bed, the only way I can fall asleep "hard", is to lie on my back and pray and think about my day and my future until I feel relaxed enough, then I imagine myself lying on one side, then the other, and pick the side that feels best at that time. It changes nightly. But then I never wake up facing the same side that I fell asleep on hehe.
  • When I buy milk, I HAVE to reach back and take the one with the furthest expiration date. I hate chosing a product with a shorter expiration life even if I know I'm going to consume it right away anyway. (Milk, yogurt.. I guess I only do this with dairy hehe)
  • When I try on clothes, I squat and hold, pretending that I'm sitting and look at myself in the mirror to see how I would look with this outfit on while sitting. (I'm jiggly. When I sit, I "puddle up")
  • I can't sleep without freshly brushed teeth and freshly applied chapstick (burts bees original) and a freshly moisturized face (Pond's)
  • I hate to sleep with anything on. Exept in hotels... ever since the hotel fire incident, I go to bed in hotels wearing underwear and a t-shirt hehe.
  • I won't drink milk that has been out of the fridge for longer than 5 minutes. I drink it fairly fast too because the white milk residue on a glass grosses me out.
  • I prefer my meals to be separate things.. I don't care that much for meals that taste the same thing for every bite.. for example : a lasagna or a macaroni etc. The exeption to this is sheppards pie. Mmmm.
  • I can't fart in my pants. (I have to go to the bathroom.) It happens like 3 times a year and surprises the shit out of Steph
  • I have to have the radio on in the car (or music), and sing to it. If I hear a good song and can't sing (because I'm with a coworker or something), I turn it off. But driving long distances with coworkers that dont put any music on at all drives me batty. But I suppose it also drives me batty when they finally decide to put music on and it's crap. Like G putting on the burned cd that he had found in his rental car and made a copy of because it sounded good. They were all covers of the original artists, and he would not believe me that they werent the real artists!

Well that's it for now.... I may sound pretty darn quirky LOL But I don't inconvenience others with my quirkyness, well I try to anyway :)


Heather said...

I snickered like a third-grade boy about the farting in your pants thing. Too funny!

Boiesy said...

OMG I totally laughed my ass off about the farting thing. You gotta be safe men, what if it was a shart? LOL

RoseAnn said...

Thanks, Nancy!

Now you have me stressing out about the bathroom lock at work! ;)

Scatterbrain said...

LOL, I already knew them all I think, but it's still funny reading them.

Hobby Chef said...

I also organize my grocery list in the same way.

And strangely enough, I remember you mentioning the fart thing once before. Still made me giggle when I read it, though.