Monday, April 23, 2007

Kelsie started it - My weekend in bullets :

  • The weather this weekend was absolutely gorgeous. It made me sooo happy. I spent the weekend outside :
  • Saturday Steph's parents came to help us fix the deck, and we had a BBQ for lunch
  • Sunday I washed the car inside out
  • Apparently this list will not be in chronological order
  • Friday we were in the Subway drive-thru when we saw a lady walking 2 ferrets just beside our car. That was freaky.
  • Then the Subway lady at the drive thru window started fah-reaking out because she's apparently been attacked by a ferret as a child. Even freakier.
  • When I couldn't control my laughter any longer, the 2 ferrets began mating, and the lady was just standing there holding the leashes, staring. The Subway lady was still freaking out.
  • I had a really really good friday. A bunch of us went for a little walk in the enchanted forest aka the forest next to IK hehe.
  • Sunday, when I was washing the car, I left the shed doors wide open, and my bird feeder was still stored in the shed for the winter.... well I walked back in the shed and there was a bird flying around in there! Steph asked me later if I shooed it away, it was more like I ducked and covered my head and screamed like a girl and the bird got scared and flew away lol.
  • When I was washing the car I must have picked up like 42$ in loose change.
  • Steph was sick as a dog all weekend, and had to still work on the deck with us because the plans were already made, and he got a major burn on his bald head and face and so now his face is red as a beet and his nose too because he's so sick with the cold. Poor Steph. His red head almost lights up in the dark.
  • Saturday everyone was so in shock that it was this nice out, every single person on my street and their dogs were outside I swear. The dogs were having a barking symphony. It was cute for the first hour.
  • I cheated on my diet and ordered the most delicious garlic finger from DiAngleo pizza which you can just order online and someone shows up at your door 45 mins later with yummification. Way.too.convenient. The guy left us not 1, not 2, but 19 menus to give to our friends. Do we look that popular ? Or like all our friends are fatsos too ?
  • I'm still loving my haircut it's the best haircut I've ever had in my life.
  • Well I Think that's it. Now I have Justin's "Sexy Back" song in my head only it's "I'm bringing bullets baaaack" yeah.


Rebecca said...

So of course I had to go to that website and of course I'm starving and of course the pizza looked AMAZING.

Kelsie said...

Um. Yeah. I sang that for about an hour or so after I posted that as well.

Also, yesterday, I told J that I was bringing pasty back b/c I'm so white and I wore a skirt with bare legs and a tank. He didn't much think that was as funny as I did.

Apparently, that is my new favorite thing. I'm bringing ....whatever.... back. LOL I say that all the time with different things.