Thursday, March 22, 2007

What have you done today to make yourself proud ?

You might want to skip this if you're not following Heather's Wednesday Challenges. You might think that I'm incredibly pretentious if you don't know that last Wednesday's Challenge (Definition of procrastination : Nancy) was about listing 75 reasons why you're proud of yourself. Yeah that's part of why I'm this late... It took me this long to conjure up a list and I can't even get to 75 hehe.

1. Graduated high school
2. Graduated college
3. Volunteered in Africa
4. My home decoration choices
5. My landscaping design
6. Quitting Smoking Jan 1st
7. Lost 20lbs since Jan 1st
8. Being a loving daughter & sister
9. Being a faithful wife
10. Being a good doggy mom
11. Visited 4 countries
12. Being computer literate
13. Being a voracious reader
14. Being smart
15. Being a good organizer
15. Being anti-clutter
16. Clearing Wario Smooth Moves myself!
17. Doing good on my debt diet so far
18. Having cut restaurants down significantly
19. Going back to my natural hair colour
20. My passion for music
21. My love of arts
22. Being fluent in french & english
23. I just vacuumed and washed all my floors :P
24. My beginner gardenner skills
25. I think that I sing better than the general population, and I sing with passion
26. Financially helping my friends and family when I can
27. Having okay grammar
28. Never got in an accident. I think I'm a safe driver. (digging...)
29. I'm almost always on top of my laundry... (okay this is beginning to sound too pathetic LOL)
30. I always keep my tupperware bowls organized. (Okay... I'm done for now LOL)


Lisa said...

Nanc! You can sing? Aw, I didn't know that. And I give you total props for going back to your natural hair colour! I wish I had the determination to do that!

And you forgot one! The one where you can make anyone laugh their asses off! That should be #1!!

Heather said...

Yay for your fabulous list! I'm proud of you for doing it - will you do this week's challenge?