Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Happy First Day of SPRING!!!!!!!

I started to write this yesterday and I'm just getting around to finishing it now... so happy belated 1st day of spring :)

I'm soooo exited that Spring is finally here!!!! I'm going to be an exclamation point abuser all day long and I don't care!!! :P I really want to enjoy and make the most out of spring, summer and fall this year. It seems like last year I didn't and when winter came it really brought me down. I was so not ready. So, I've decided to come up with a list of things that I want to do before the next winter comes :) Hopefully I'll have crossed a few items off the list by next December.. I'll keep you posted! (But if I don't, you'll have to remind me heh)

  • Walk the NB trail from the St-Alselm church (near my house) to Memramcook. (or at least, going in that direction of the trail until I'm too tired. Then we'll call Steph to come and pick us up. Because Steph won't go for all this 'pointless' walking. Tina or Sophie, you'll have to come with me :P)
  • Walk the NB trail from the St-Anselm church to Riverview. (Last year I did from the church to the Bore park with Guylaine. I could barely walk the next day my feet were so sore! Must buy new walking shoes.)
  • Buy a new GPS and go geocaching!! Lori, wanna come ?
  • Fix the things that need fixing on the house... like the walkway and patch walls, replace baseboards that Loki chewed when he was a pup.
  • Build a garden and grow veggies.
  • Lose 50lbs. eek. (That's 50lbs from mid-march to december.. doable for someone my size.. but doable for me? Stay tuned to find out :P)
  • Go to Toronto and meet Lisa and then we'll all go to Windsor and meet Rebecca and Lori. (All of you will have to work your 2007 summer activity lists in accordance ok? ok.)
  • Go to New York city and meet Heather, Amanda, Kelsie, Justine, Lisa, and buy knock off stuff that no one around here can tell the difference hehe. But actually touch with my own hands a pair of Jimmy Choos. Does anyone know if they actually sell Jimmy Choo shoes anywhere in NB?
  • Walk in the Irishtown nature park
  • Go to Parlee beach at least 3 times.
  • Go share a beer pitcher at the Doc Dylan's outdoor patio at least 3 times.
  • Go to Wiseguyz once or twice.
  • Go visit Chantal & Andy in the boonies :P
  • Go see the Tidal Bore (aka Total bore LOL) at Bore Park (I've never even seen it on person, but I did see it on youtube LOL)
  • Have a pic nic with friends and their kids at Centennial Park
  • Make a fire in the outside firepit in the garden every week. With friends sometimes. Definitely with marshmallows.
  • Go pick my own apples during apple season.
  • Make my own preserves at harvest time.
  • Go park on top of the mountain and watch the Moncton city lights. (And make out like old times hehehe)
  • Maybe I'll add to this list once the warm weather arrives and that we come out of hibernation :)


Scatterbrain said...

Ooooh, awesome idea Nancy, I'm so stealing it.

Lisa said...

Yay! I'm on the list...twice! I'm so excited to meet everyone! Seriously, this has been a long time coming and better happen, lol.

And I'm going to one up you. I'm going to try on those over-priced Jimmy Choo's and strut around that store in them like I could afford a few pairs ;)

Love the list, I'm stealing too!

Peeps said...

I LOVE walking in the parks! Plus, we'll have a brand new puppy to walk too!!! Yay!

Heather said...

Yay for NYC!

Mike just interrupted me... I was going to say something else, and now I don't remember. Oh! I've been to the tidal bore several times, and I'm not even Canadian!