Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Anatomy of a dreadful day.

If you're part of the "HM Gang" blogger ring.... (That's what I call all of the 2003 girls + HM girls + 20 something girls + my best real life friends group of blogs), then you're probably familiar with the "Anatomy" post series. I *think* that Heather, Justine and Lisa all posted an "Anatomy of ......" entry. Unfortunately because of the incident below, the blogger bar on top of yalls blogs isn't displayed. Instead I get a lovely "page restricted" warning. So I can't search blogs anymore :( So you'll have to search for the Anatomy series yourself hehe.

So my day started at 6am. It was supposed to be 5am but I just couldn't do it. I'm the most anti-morning person you'll ever know. Getting up before 6am makes me seriously physically ill. I've always been like that. [Having flashbacks of getting up at 4am to leave for a "New Kids on the Block concert bus tour" when I was a kid. I counted the days for months, I was sooo exited I thought I would explode. Until the morning finally came and we had to get up at 4am and I was so sick I couldn't enjoy that first day at all.] So yeah, at 7h30am I was at work waiting with J for G. G was driving. G was late as always. The meeting started at 10am and he wanted to leave at 8am. Which means 8h30am G time. So for the week prior to the meeting we begged him to leave at 7h30am, which really meant 8am G time. It worked! At least one good thing yesterday... we were NOT late for once. Nothing like 3 alienated regional staff walking in to a 200 person meeting in full session.

When we're more than 2 we normally rent an SUV. He rented a Ford Fusion for some reason. Which I now know that I'll NEVER own such a car. We all hated it. So off we went... We weren't even on the highway when G started to play with the freakin radio stations. Which he did all the freaking way. I don't think we ever listened to a full song the whole way there and back, besides the 2 songs that played while he was busy drinking coffee and talking on his cell phone. At one point he had NO hands on the wheel. ACK. Those 2 songs were ironically really not a song I'd expect them to listen to in their spare time. The first one was "Bah-bah-bah-bah-bah bad to the bones" and the other was "You shook me all night long" by ACDC. snort. (If you know G and J you'll find this rather funny too hehe)

During the drive G kept shouting "OH MY GOD!" Me and J would go "WHAT!?" And he would reply something that really did not necessitate such an enthusiastic exclamation like "Look at that, another red Ford Fusion". or "That truck in the front doesn't have the appropriate wood truss hauling rack". I'll spare you the rest of the details that would only be funny 'if you were there' hehe. So guess what happened at the panic inducing meeting? If you know me and my whining, you probably already know. The same thing that regularly happens happened. Someone that works in a nicer office probably took the department's organization chart and moved half of the little boxes around and called it a restructurization. And oh yeah... how fair is it that every employee besides the Admin. Staff get their own org. chart box ? I have to share my box with 2 other employees pfft :P So that's one of my goals for my next job: have my own org. chart box. :P

Some people are happy, some are not. But most of the changes won't take effect until the province presents the budget. Which won't be after the feds present their budget. I think it'll be mid-march. And then with all the 400 million deficit talk.... I bet we're in for a few surprises. Which could warrant another org charg shake anyway. So basically... it was a meeting to kinda set the mood for the changes to come. So the verdict is, I still have a job and probably will until my contract ends in June. But the thing is, I really don't know if I'll renew. It might be time to move on.

The meeting ended at 12. A bunch of us went to eat at the restaurant in the Crowne Plaza since we were there anyway. It was a lunch buffet, and I did really good. I did so good that at least 3 people asked me why I was 'barely eating'. heh. Gotta love those stick thin people with the heaping plates eh? FYI, I ate more than barely. I had a nice sized (about 4oz) of skinless chicken breast with a very hot and delicious thai sauce over it, and half a cup of mashed potatoes. Then for dessert I had a cup of "fresh" (fresh but wrinkled) fruit salad. Go me! (Let's not mention the 2 fat-free pudding cups, 2 source yogurts and 5 caramel chocolate chip rice cakes I had at home later, post-breakdown.)

At 1pm we walked across to head office because J had a short meeting and G had to "talk to a couple of guys". Well we only left F'ton at 5h30pm. UGH!!!! I had to wait all by myself for like 2 hours until J came out and made the waiting all that more painful because she just can't sit still. At first I waited in the lobby... until G came out and asked me to run down to his car to get a box of papers and bring it to records management. It was like minus 200 yesterday. He wasn't even parked on King st. At some point I saw a 20$ bill swirl and fly away in the wind, into the street, and I realized that it was mine. And you know how broke I've been lately. Yep, the cars kept passing and the 20$ bill kept swirling more furiously further away. At some point, on the verge of frozen tears, I dashed in the road (yes, I was willing to be hit by a car for 20$ LOL) and finally caught my 20$ and stuck it DEEP in my pocket.

I went to deliver the papers and went back to wait in the lobby. There was some asian guy sitting there, wearing a business suit and tie, and white Nike sneakers. He got up and started taking pictures (of the lobby and me?) with his cell phone camera. Then he sat down and asked me : What.... er... do.. you.. do here? Me "Here at ....... you mean?" him "Yes". Me "In short, business development. We facilitate.... commercialization.... innovation funds... etc" Him "oh.. okay..." Me "Are you waiting to meet someone?" Him "No... I... jest.. had.. interroo" Oookay. I wished him luck. Then M sees me in the lobby and finds it ridiculous (as did I) that no one invited me to wait in a more comfortable spot, and he takes me to one of the vacant offices. Only it wasn't vacant. I turn around and he's gone. er.... okay. So I go to wait in another waiting area, and C sees me and says to come with him, CA isn't there today I can go wait in his office and use his computer etc. Okay. Then J finally comes out of her meeting and I hear her voice in the halls "I'm looking for Nancy"? So I stick my head out and now the 2 of us wait in there for about an hour. Then at some point we decide to go wait in the waiting area outside the office where G is having his meeting so that he hears our voices and realizes that he's made us wait for too long and that it's rude.

We wait another 42 hours, and then G finally comes out and he's jogging and says that he has to go meet with Y and M and he'll know what's the scenario in a few minutes. I'm like WHAT? I thought the only scenario was that we're finally going home!! So anyways. The meeting ended at 12 and we were only on the road at 5h30. Do you know how long it feels when you have to wait somewhere where you feel that you're in the way and you've got nothing to do?

Well this is already way too long, so here are bullet points for the rest of the interesting crap :

  • You know how I'm always whining that I've been working on contract for 5 years and don't feel like I'm going to be hired permanently anytime soon? Well I was talking to L, and she's been working for them on contract for 17 years! SEVENTEEN years. On contract. Do you think that they might need her services next year? Geez. She's retiring in 5 years so she doesn't care if she ever gets hired now. But I won't hold my breath this year.
  • Because I'm their kids age, because I'm fat, because I'm just plain not likeable or a combination of all those factors, people in my department just don't seem to like me, pay attention to what I say, or even notice me. I'm the invisible employee. It was ridiculous. I could be having a conversation with someone and as soon as L or J flapped open their pihole, all attention turned to them and my conversation was left hanging. Several times yesterday. It kicked the little bit of self-esteem I had left in the nuts.

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