Wednesday, February 14, 2007

OMG! I'm logged in!! Thank you Justine!!!

This morning, as every workday morning, I sat down at my desk with my steaming cup of coffee, ready to browse through all of my favorite blogs. I was able to comment on a couple of blogs, but half of the other blogs I can't comment on!!! The comment page is blocked!! GAH! Bloody hell. Then I tried and when I try to log in... BLOCKED!!! I was seriously on the verge of tears. Blogging and reading blogs and commenting on them is my very favorite thing to do at work when I've got nothing to do. Which is really quite often. I was crushed!!! At least thankfully I can still read all the blogs through bloglines. But I can't comment on half of your blogs unless i remember to do so when I'm home :-S

So anyway, I see Justine updated her blog, I try to comment, and it WORKS! And then lightbulb moment, since it already let me log in to comment, I try IT WORKED!!! Thanks Justine! I don't know if I'm always going to have to go through your blog to blog at work, but hopefully you don't mind me using your blog as my personal portal :P hehe

iVillage-ing is really getting old too. I'm seriously contemplating stepping down as cl of my two dead boards. (The Biggest Loser is over... until the next season at least... but who's going to talk about the show when it's not on? And Light & Lean Cooking isn't that popular. Why would an ivillager invest time in such a board when they can join a more 'specific' & trendy boards like Weight Watchers or South Beach Diet?) And frankly, the 3$ a month compensation (free 'express yourself' package for cls) isn't that motivating anymore, since I don't particularly enjoy iVillage as much as I used to. And to be bold, the yearly Christmas cl gifts are getting lamer and lamer. Miika and Amanda, are you wearing your fabulous ilead iconnect ipost baseball caps? They should have sent toques instead. That's just me and my practical side coming out.) Anyway, all that to say that I really don't enjoy iVillage anymore. It's hard work trying to liven up a dead board and to be required to post several times a week aka talk to yourself. And do board reports about all that talking to yourself. I'm almost sure that I'm going to step down, but I feel guilty. Argh. Stupid guilt. Stupid useless emotion as my friend would say. What do you think I should do? Please make up my mind for me?

PS. I'm particularly frazzled today, had a LONG day yesterday. So I'll probably be blogging like a freaking maniac today since I could finally log in.


Heather said...

I couldn't log on at all last week, but that's because I'd finally subscribed to Gmail so my login for Blogger had changed, and I just hadn't realized it. Doh. That's what I get for being blonde!

Jenn said...

I know what you are going through with your boards. I've had to step down from two boards in the past and it was very hard to do because I felt guilty, but I realized that I wasn't doing the boards any justice by not really wanting to be there. I stepped down and haven't looked back. Good luck with your decision.

I have worn my hat a couple of times, but it was days that I didn't want to mess with my hair.

miika said...

I haven't worn my hat yet, I would need a toque as well at the moment :-) Not that it's really cold here, just not baseball cap weather.
As for stepping down, I'm considering it, too. The only thing that keeps me as CL (well, the main reason anyway) is the EY perks :-) I can't buy them even if I wanted to, and it just makes iVillage life a lot easier.
I am kinda sad that people just sort of "fell off" the boards... it's not as much fun there anymore as it used to be.

Kelsie said...

I went through the exact same thing you are going through. It took me a long time to step down. I didn't want to, mainly b/c of the EY perks but I finally did. I probably should have stepped down sooner. I just got tired of the whole village stuff. It was old and I was so over it. I moved on to blogger and if all of you weren't bloggers then I wouldn't have stepped down.

It was a hard decision, however, I am glad that I finally did it. I don't go by the boards anymore. Maybe once a month but probably more like once every 2 months.