Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Mature coworkers - Part IV

After the referring to my lunch salad as my 'garden', and the many episodes of Banana harrassment, I present to you "The urine sample" aka my water bottle with lipton green tea & mandarin powder mixed in. *rolls eyes*

Don't worry, everyone else gets their fair share of teasing in here. There was M1's "Ant Protection Plan", G's constantly being teased about his outdated documents and materials that he insists on cluttering his office with. (As in, the 1971 Current Chinese Economy Guide, 1983 Consumer Guide etc.) J's always being borderline harrassed because of her political affiliations, And just last week, since M2 teased me about my bananas, I stuffed all the fingers of his gloves with kleenex. Because I couldn't bring myself to do something more daring hehe.

Hmm maybe I should google "office pranks 101".

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