Wednesday, January 17, 2007

My car hates me.... or do I hate my car?

Well guess where I was this morning? My car apparently missed his home - the Saturn dealership. When we got in the car this morning the rearview mirror was on the floor. Sigh. Yeah, the one that's normally hanging in the windshield. It's VERY weird to drive with no rearview mirror. The glue holding it there probably froze. I know it's minus 37 degrees Celcius today, but come on!!! Either tell me that my car isn't made for Atlantic Canadian winters BEFORE I buy it from your Atlantic Canadian dealership, or pay for my move to Florida. Seriously. Didn't we buy a brand new car even though we knew it was going to lose significant value as soon as we drove it off the lot because we wanted piece of mind? In the 2 years since we bought the car I've had to take it in:

  • When the driver's side door window fell off the rail on a rainy day
  • When the passenger's side door window fell off the rail on a rainy day the week after
  • When the driver's side rear door was too frozen to stay closed
  • When the driver's side seat wouldn't click in position if you try to pull it forward
  • When the rearview mirror fell off the windshield.

Am I forgetting any instances? The car has 23 000 KM on it. It's 2 years old. Why is it such a PITA (Pain In The Ass)? Steph still insists that they have good customer service. Hmph.

1- I'm the only who always has to bring the car in and wait for the stupid customer shuttle since my office is closest to Saturn, and

2- Their customer service is 'okay'. I still very much feel like "just a little girlie girl" in their testosterone filled garage. But I'd rather only have to see them once a year or less.

3- I hate small talk. Despise small talk. I hate having to hear about the shuttle driver's daughter who's wishing for more snow so that she can go snowmobiling and that in the summer she loves riding her horse. They used to have 5 horses, now they only have 3. He is retired but the regular shuttle driver is on holidays so his daughter asked him to fill in for the week. His daughter works upstairs at Saturn. (There's an upstairs?) They live between Riverview and Salisbury. They have a huge house, and his daughter and her husband were considering living in the huge house with the parents and their horses but the daughter's husband had a freak motorcycle accident that nearly killed him but he survived it and 2 weeks later he died because of a blood clot. He's wondering what they're doing at the old Y with all those renovations. It's a pretty cool day to be walking. etc etc etc. Can you believe that I work about 4 minutes away from the dealership?

So yeah..... you know how I hate driving. Well I don't hate driving, I hate others who can't drive who are on the road regardless. It was very hard to drive without a rearview mirror to make sure that no one was going to rearend me at every stop and light on Champlain and Main. On Main I broke down and proceeded to hold my mirror up with my right hand, like the statue of liberty.


Anygma said...

wasn't there a time when it was raining and your wiper stop working or flew off? oh no it was snow i think

Crazymrsnancy said...

Anygma : You're right!! I forgot about that one!!

Laurianne said...

at least your car problems give us all something to read and laugh about.. :)