Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Clunk.... clunk.... clunk..

That's the sound that my rear driver's side door made this morning as I tried to close it after opening it to throw my stuff in the back. Clunk... clunk.. Steph came over to my side, tried to close the door, or break it... The neighbor was looking through his window, and also came over and thought he new how to fix it, but it didn't work. So picture this.. Me driving the car, Steph sitting in the back seat behind me, holding the door shut.... We looked like idiots both sitting on the same side of the car lol! As if that wasn't silly enough, the driver's seat won't click in when you try to move the seat forward... it only clicks in the furthest back position.. (We had never noticed this untill my short mother tried to drive my car over the holidays..) So there I was sitting comfortably in the front, laughing my ass off, while grumpy Steph sat behind me with his knees under his chin, holding the door shut LOL

Saturn said that apparently it's the lubricant they put on the mechanism that isn't made for our 'extreme weather' here in Atlantic Canada... well 1- It was only like - 6 C last night! And 2- Why don't they put the right 'extreme weather' lube before selling it to 'extreme weather' buyers then ? The car always seems to decide to not cooperate when it's at its dirtiest. Everytime that I leave my car at Saturn I'm ashamed of how dirty it is hehe. Ah well, maybe if I keep it clean it won't break down ?


Lisa said...

WTF? You bought it in your province right? Damn car manufacturers!

Amanda said...

You have *got* to be kidding me! When I had my Turbo Bug, I discovered an interesting similar defect - the gas tank lid would freeze shut because it was on a semi-flat surface on the wheel. And guess what? You couldn't fix it - only pull the emergency latch, breaking it, so you could put gas in your tank. Puh-lease. I lived in CHICAGO.
I was told it was a "known defect" and I could have it replaced as much as I wanted. But STILL.