Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Saturn Family Pictures

You know when you buy a Saturn, they bring your new car in the the glass sunroom type thing in the front and they take your picture with your new car and all the Saturn employees stand there and clap and you're now part of the Saturn family ? (Do they do this in the US ? hehe) Well this morning as Steph was talking to the Service department, I glanced at one of the "Saturn Family" picture displays, and the first picture that I saw was J, my ex, standing there with a Saturn Relay and 2 middle aged people and the salesman hehe. I think it was his ex's parents. (He's my ex but I'm his ex-ex, confused yet ?) hehe. Anyways, then I glance like 3 pictures to the left and who's there ? It's Tina, Shane and their Saturn!! hehe. That's a gorgeous picture Tina, you look hot in teal blue and red hair!!

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