Thursday, November 02, 2006

What your favorite flyers say about you..

You know that you've transitionned into boring adulthood go from circling Christmas ideas/hints in the jewelry sales/flyers/catalogues, to circling Christmas ideas/hints in the Home Depot flyer and leaving it in the bathroom for DH to see :P Okay I just wrote 'boring' to sound less dorky than I really am. Honnestly, I *LOVE* looking through the Home Depot, Kent, Home Hardware and Canadian Tire catalogues/flyers hehe. I wish I was freakin' rich. OH! Wait, stay there, don't move while I go check the 6/49 website.... Okay nevermind, not even one number. If I had to chose a store to win a shopping spree in, I'd definitely chose Home Depot or Kent hehe. I want to convert my guest bedroom into a cutom closet. I want to have crown moulding in every room, an insert in my front door, a second bathroom, granite countertops, a tile kitchen backsplash.... A reason to convert our computer room into a nursery...

I'm craving change so so very bad. I've been trying to hold back from going to the hairdresser to have my hair cut, because when it's short I want it long and when it's long I want it short. What I want is just change I think. I have been wearing my hair in a ponytail for as long as I can remember, I have the roots from hell, because I don't know what to do about my hair. I'd love to go back to my natural brown color, but I worry that my hair is too thin now and that my scalp will show too much through my hair... when my hair is blond it doesn't look as thin. But I feel tired of feeling 'fake'.. (no offence to fellow bottle blondes!) But then again if I always wear my hair in a ponytail does it really matter what color it is ? Does it make sense to continue spending 200$ for a hair colour that goes straight in a ponytail ?

I soooo need a vacation. I need change. I need new scenery. Before I met steph and settled down, I was living pretty nomadically. My dad has always been a trucker and I've always spent half my summers on the road in the states.. just long enough to have a bite to eat at a random truckstop in a random state, unload the trailer and off to another location to fill er' up again. I've spent my high school years participating in all possible student exchange programs. I was changing my furniture around in my room every month. Trading pieces of furniture with my brother. I went to France with a group, then went to college and enrolled in a co-op course and moved from appartment to appartment. Then it was Africa, then I moved with my ex to Bathurst, then we moved again in Bathurst, a couple of months after that we moved to Moncton. That's when the S hit the fan and I ended up meeting DH and moved in with him. I converted him to my nomad ways for a while... we moved 6 times in 2 years and received Christmas cards from the moving company. Then we rented a house for 2 years, and finally we bought our house that we've been living in for 2.5 years.

In the three years since my wedding, I did go on 3 vacations... 1 - Honeymoon in St-Andrews... It was wonderful but it was close enough to home to not feel like a change of scenery really. 2 - Weekend trip to Prince Edward Island - even closer to home... and definitely not new scenery.. AND we were there with my parents. 3 - vacation in Toronton/Niagara falls with my parents AND my brother. New scenery but with a limited choice of activities and "freedom". I didn't get to do the ONE activity that I wanted to do, and I was the one that set this whole trip in motion. This summer we did the renovations/landscaping and didn't go anywhere. And I feel like I wasn't told that "settling down" meant literally.

We came 'this' close to going for a mini vacation in Halifax this summer after I threw a hissy fit.. remember ? I ended up cancelling it because of money concerns and after realizing that I still wouldn't be satisfied afterwards because it's still too close to home. I want to see the world and discover new cultures. You know that feeling you get when you're walking on ancient stone streets in the south of France? The feeling you get when you get off an airplane and it SMELLS different from what you're used to ?

If I could just win an all expense paid trip to the location of my choice, and a shopping spree at home depot I'd be all set. Oh and it'd be just peachy if shaved heads on women would become stylish & trendy.


Hobby Chef said...

A few things:

Re: the Christmas list - I asked for a salad spinner and some new bedding. How's that for lame?

Re: the change - go for the haircut. It's hair - it will grow back. Change is good, and a haircut is the quickest way I know to change things up.

Re: the vacay - COME TO VEGAS WITH US!!!!!!!

Melissa said...

Change is good. I agree you should go for the haircut or at least color if you want to keep it longer.

Vacations are good too...will you guys have time to get away over the holidays at all? I hope you get to plan something soon! I know what you mean about needing a change of scenery.

CrazyMrsNancy said...

Steph has the week before Christmas off, and I have no time left :/ But the bigger issue is finances grr. :/

CrazyMrsNancy said...

I so wish I had the money to go to Vegas!! I remember when I was young... it was my grandmothers dream to go to Vegas and she finally went (with my uncle and his wife) and she brought a TON of souvenirs back, and told us about her trip which sounded amazing!

Lisa said...

I love change! Getting your hair done wether it be colour or a cut makes such a huge difference. I did it and it made me feel more natural...and blonde is hard to keep up.