Thursday, November 02, 2006

Someone came to my house and cooked supper ?!

Yesterday afternoon the weather turned SO beautiful (for once!!), I left work early. I planned to go home, not tell DH and go get him at the same time as usual and surprise him with supper already cooked and ready to inhale so that he could go play his new FFXII game as soon as possible. As I was driving home, without my coat!!!, wearing my sunglasses, singing along with Pink and the radio, (P.S. Don't you LOVE her new song "Who Knew" ? ) I felt like a criminal. It felt soooo good that it felt wrong. Do you ever feel that way ?

So anyway I drove home, prepared supper and put it in the oven. Opened all the windows since it was so nice out. Then checked my work email and replied to DH's "Are you leaving at 4h30?" email. I went to get him and when we got home I saw that he was looking weirdly at the opened windows. crap. "Wow nice sunset eh?" I successfully diverted his attention LOL. Then we went in, and it smelled soooo good, I was waiting for him to say something, trying not to laugh. I could hear him going "sniff" "sniff". pause. "sniff" "sniff". He never said a word.. he went up the stairs (split entry) and finally says " It smells as if we had put something in the crockpot?" Then he sees something in the oven and says "There's something cooking in the oven?!?!" And I go "WHAT!? Someone came here and cooked supper????" You should have seen his face LOL After 3.5 seconds he finally rolled his eyes when he realized that it was me hehe.

For the rest of the night I kept doing the "sniff" "sniff" pause "sniff" "sniff" thing and laughing LOL.


Lisa said...

I love, love, love the new Pink CD...birthday gift!!

My new theme song is U & Ur Hand by Pink...give it a listen!

Melissa said...

LOL, too funny! I hope you enjoyed your nice evening at home!

Scatterbrain said...

hahaha, too funny Nancy. What a cool thing to do for Steph though. You rock.