Thursday, November 02, 2006

OMG! Why is everything on Thursday ?

I just realized that The OC premieres tonight!!!!!!!!

So what should I watch ?

Ugly Betty & Grey's Anatomy ? (First time we'll see Salma Hayek in UB tonight...)


Grey's Anatomy & The OC ? (Record Ugly Betty and Survivor ?) Gah there's also CSI...

Yes I'm a tv junkie :P But it's not my fault that they dump every show on Thursdays!!


Lisa said...

I'm watching The OC and Grey's...What is the OC going to be like without Marissa??

Kelsie said...

I'm Tivo'ing OC & watching Grey's.

{blush} it has been so long since the OC was on, that I forgot until this morning that Marissa died. How sad and weird is that going to be?

I feel you Nancy. I don't understand why all the good shows HAVE to be on the exact same night. Why can't they put something on a Tuesday? I don't have anything that I watch on Tuesdays & I only watch Lost on Wednesdays...I can only do 2 shows at a time and that is difficult for me. Why do they have to compete? Why? OC & Greys will get great ratings w/o competing against each other.

I will give them both a rating tonight. Makes no sense to me.