Monday, November 20, 2006

Countdown to the next weekend : 5 days

Is it bad that it's Monday and I'm already counting the days until the next weekend ? heh. I had a good weekend. Friday afternoon I left work early and went shopping for my Secret Santa gifts for the 2 message boards that I'm participating on. (HM and 20SH.) I'm so proud of myself for not being at the very last possible minute this year! In fact the 2 gifts are on my desk right now waiting to be shipped today sometime. I brought them in to pack them and sign the cards here because I knew we had small boxes here hehe. I did pretty good this year, I think I made smart LIGHT choices hehe. I think it was a couple of years ago that I went shopping for my secret santa gift and I got Melissa a huge monster of a candle that I thought smelled amazing, with a Santa tealight holder... and only realized at the UPS store that shipping was going to be a killer! LOL Because I was at the last minute and because the gift weighed so much the shipping cost me 40$ for a 20$ gift hehe. Ah well, hopefully she liked it and hopefully this year the shipping won't be so much.

Friday night my brother came over and he ran out of cigarettes. So we made one of our famous deals. We've been making 'deals' since we were kids hehe. (If I go get you a Mr. Freeze I get to eat 1/5 of it!) The deal was : I'll give you cigarettes if you do me 5 favors. He accepted. YAY!

Favor 1 : Change the kitchen lightbulb (I was warming him up)
Favor 2 : Bring our bedroom tv that we never ever turn on, down in the basement in the Gym so that I can do my exercise DVD's there. But let's go into the basement first to see if we need to make room.
Favor 3(&4) : Ended up being 4 hours of helping me clean and organize the basement! Score!! hehe We did pretty good! Since this was such a huge amount of work I counted it as 2 favors.
Favor 5 : Hang my Christmas lights. He's coming tomorrow to hang up my Christmas lights!! Last year I bought some of those LED lights, and to my amazement they STILL work!! It's the first time in the past 5 years that all my Xmas lights were still in order for a 2nd year!

Btw, I've been incorporating the hanging of the Christmas lights into one of our deals ever since we've had a house to put them on hehehe. (Before this house, it was on our rental house.) Me OR Steph on the roof doesn't seem like such a good idea. Even if he wasn't the clumsiest person I've ever seen (which he is, worst than ME), he couldn't care less if we have Xmas lights hanging or not. And he hates having to go pick out an Xmas tree in the cold, tie it to the car (which we'll still find pine needles in the trunk well into the following July), and the the disposing of the dry tree after New Years when by the time you've dragged your tree to the curb it's naked and you have a nice trail of needles going all the way back to your living room. Sometimes we use those white plastic bags designed for this purpose.. but this year with our mandatory blue/green dry/wet garbage separation rules, are they going to make special bags for tree disposing ? And is a tree wet or dry ?


Melissa said...

I have no idea if a tree is wet or day, as I really have no idea what your trash sorting criteria is.

However, I do have to say that I very much enjoyed the candle...there is still some of it left, LOL. I am stingy with my favorite candles ;). And I can't wait to start Christmas decorating this weekend and pull out the tea light holder!

Kelsie said...

Um. Yeah. I am boycotting decorating for Christmas this year.

My husband will be happy. ;)