Monday, November 20, 2006

Are you caught in the trap ?

The Bread Trap.

What are your thoughts on this "Bread Trap" article ?

From experience, I know that bread is evil for me. When I stop eating bread/gluten/wheat/etc. I lose weight pretty fast, my period returns and gets regular to boot, and I have a lot more energy to name a few benefits. BUT... it's SO damn HARD to stop eating bread!!! Bread holds my sandwich meat together, it holds up my pizza toppings.... it holds my turkey burgers... I'm so used to eating bread, I've done it all my life!


Lisa said...

Bread is my absolute fav. thing EVER. I couldn't do the no bread thing...yummy cheddar bay biscuits at Red Lobster, the yummy bread at the Outback...garlic bread, croissants..OMG, how can you give up bread??

miika said...

sounds rather alarmist in my opinion, but it probably has a core of truth to it. Why else would you explain so many people having wheat allergies or celiac disease? I would probably disagree with the articles stance on "it's already too late, even if you change to whole grain you're already damaged for life". Obviously, you're an example that just switching your diet now can help improve your health.
I personally could not live without bread, but I also cannot stand the flabby, pre-cut bread sold in supermarkets "over there". Bread here is heavy and dark, with lots of whole grains or seeds in it, and a slice or two will fill you up. Although i can't say no to Baguette, either :-)