Monday, November 20, 2006

Replying to my fan mail ;)

So almost all of you asked me which Diet I'm on now. Actually it's not one of the many commerical diets hehe. It's just plain counting calories, making better choices and all that stupid crap. It was working pretty well until this weekend when I decided to not count calories for 2 days, but to not cheat either. Just eating healthy foods and eyeballing my portions instead of weighing, measuring and analyzing everything. DONT follow my example! I gained 5lbs. GAH! (I had lost 12lbs so far).

Rebecca : You asked me in one of your comments if I had received your email.... I havent!! At which email did you write me ?

Leah : How are you doing ? I'm so glad that you blogged!!

Oh and to everyone who thought I was serious about the Betty Beauty, I was of course being sarcastic as always hehe. I don't even wear make up most of the time, I currently have Yeti legs and my roots are showing, I'm not about to color my Va-GG!! ;)

Thanks to everyone for the weight loss support!! I think it's working, I haven't eaten out in a WEEK! It may be a record... but unfortunately it won't last long because I have to go to Fredericton on Thursday *shoot me now*.


Melissa said...

Good luck with the new diet, Nancy! And stay strong and good luck in F-ton!

Hobby Chef said...

OMG - I had no idea that the haircolor thing was NOT for the hair on your head! I feel like such a freaking moron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My hairstylist does not color her ... um ... hair down there, as far as I know.

Gawd I feel stupid.

CrazyMrsNancy said...

ROTFLMFAO!!!!!!! Justine, I just re-read your comment on the original post and now i'm laughing hysterically!!! "My hairdresser just put teal-colored streaks in her hair and it is SO CUTE!" ROTFL!!!

At first I didn't think about anything but the hair on her head but after reading this new comment and then re-reading that one... LOL!!!