Tuesday, October 03, 2006

So there you have it

We all watched the live webcast as the new Cabinet members were sworn in this morning. My new minister is Greg Byrne. This morning's Telegraph Journal announces that our department is rumored to change it's name. We're still waiting to see if we're keeping our deputy minister or if we're getting a new one. The GNB website has already changed from a dominant tory blue color to a more neutral green with red accents for now. It's the name of the game I guess. The only thing we can do is wait and see and adapt accordingly.

"Ours is a province built on hope. Hope Restored is not simply a motto in New Brunswick; it is a way of life," Graham said. "Our government will continue to choose hope each and every day. We will not lose a moment to fear or complacency. Ours will be a government based on hope and hard work.

"We will put New Brunswick on the road to self-sufficiency; we will work with our teachers to build the best education system in this country; we will be a North American leader in energy generation and conservation, and we will make economic development a priority again."

Premier Shawn Graham

Sounds good to me.

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