Sunday, October 01, 2006

Kelsie thinks that I'm a murderer

I dreamed about Kelsie last night hehe In my dream she lives with her mom, backstage in a big concert hall LOL! I was at a concert and I had to go to the bathroom so I was wandering in the halls and saw Kelsie who brought me to where she lived backstage, and showed me the way to her bathroom. Kelsie you should really clean up your filthy bathroom stalls :P She then took me in her living room and told me with a really freaky face and bulgy eyes that her and her mom were onto me. "We know you killed her!". (I had just finished reading a mystery book before bed LOL!) I told her "Kelsie, are you freakin' kidding me ? You think I killed HER ? Me ? Back in Canada ? " She said "Whatever, Ugh".

She rolled her eyes and told me to sit down at the table and do some stenciling with her. hah! They were heart stencils, and Kelsie was using a pen to fill in the stencils and she kept going outside the lines, like under the stencil. I told her that it would really be easier with a brush tapping technique. She said "Oh yeah ? " and handed me a tiny tiny paint brush. I said "No... more like a blush brush" And then DH woke me up LOL!


Kelsie said...

Hey. I can comment today! YAY for me. Not sure what happened last night.

Hobby Chef said...

She must not have been too scared of your murderous side if she still wanted to do stencils with you!