Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Now for some random blather

I have been complaining that I've had absolutely NO motivation/energy whatsoever in the last 2 weeks. I decided to stop wishing that motivation would miraculously slam my body into productiveness and I got off my arse and worked up a sweat cleaning around the house. I cleaned the kitchen, unpacked, filled and mounted my new spice carrousel under the cabinets, vacuumed the bedrooms and the stairs with my new vacuum which is amazing. It's sucking power is truly remarkable. Especially for a 100$ vacuum. (It's a Eureka Boss exept mine is blue.) I prepared the lunches for today and did two loads of laundry. I was rather proud of myself so I justified a break to watch "Heroes" and rested on my laurels for an hour then went to bed too late again. I read until 12h45am.

I began reading intensively again in hmm.. maybe june-july ? I don't really know why exactly, but prior to that I had almost stopped reading books completely for about 6 months. I've been voraciously reading ever since. I should compile a list, which would be quite extensive, of all the books i've read since June. I need to give some books away. I have one medium sized bookshelf and I don't want to store more books than that. I need room for new books. As you all know I'm adamantly anti-clutter, and that goes for books also. I very seldom read books twice... Sometimes I intend to but I'm always eager to read new books, get lost in new adventures. One book that I've been keeping for years and years with the intention to read gain is "The Thorn Birds", which is probably my favorite book of all time. I first read The Thorn Birds as a teenager and coincidentally the week after I finished reading the book the movie (which I didn't know existed) played on tv. I have a very old and smelly hardcover copy that my old aunt gave me since I loved it so much, and it's in my basement, waiting to be re-read.

Does that often happen to you ? You've just bought a book and then you're flipping the tv channels and realize that they've turned the book into a movie and it's playing on tv ? It happened to me a few times, with The Thorn Birds, a very randomly picked mediocre book called "Playing House", and now it just happened this weekend with "The Great Gatsby". No no, I'm not trying to imitate Heather :P I'm just influenced by her lists of favorite books and I haven't been disapointed yet. In fact because of it I've discovered one of my now favorite authors : Jodi Picoult. My third Picoult is next on my reading shelf. So anyway, I haven't read The Great Gatsby yet so I tivo'd the movie.

Last week when I was in Fredericton and had a few hours to kill before getting on the bus, I strolled downtown and walked in this old creaky-floored local bookstore called "Westminster Books" and bought "Anne of Green Gables" and "The Great Gatsby". I just finished reading "Goodnight Nobody" (which prompted the Kelsie dream hehe) and I'm currently reading "The Lovely Bones".

So anyone interrested in a 'books to give away' compilation list ? I'd gladly send a book if you paypal me the shipping amount OR send me another book in exchange :) Hey we should start a blog book club or a blog book ring, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Book :P. We could all sign in and then I'd get to keep it with all your signatures and comments Muhahaha :P Oh hey are we doing a card exchange this year ? I don't want to ask this on the HM board because well... not to sound mean but I don't particularly have the time or money to send a card to a newbie that I've never even heard about before hehe. So.. Christmas card exchange ? If you say no and I still have your address you'll still be sent a card regardless so NYAH!

Sophie and Tina, we should have a blogger's night out... Pastalli's then martinis then dancing. Blogger's night out... sounds geeky eh ? Ah well, we're Faaaahbulous geeks :) You know what's weird ? I've been in the Holiday spirit for the past week or so LOL For the past 2 years I've had such a hard time feeling festive, and now It's not even Halloween and I'm thinking Christmas and singing O Holy Night in my head. Hey guess what... I actually bought me and Steph Halloween costumes this year LOL Anyone want to go out or have a party for Halloween ? I'm thinking going out is less messy and less stressful hehe. I know T you're not big on Halloween but you could dress up as a princess and pretend that you're a princess and that it's not Halloween. I'll be a Renaissance Juliet, and Steph is a Jailbird LOL They only had 3 Big & Tall men's costumes... so it was either a Jailbird, a Superman in thights, or a regular doctor. His costume is so big though it looks like a Jailbird in Pyjamas.

What are you all doing or Halloween ? Are you getting dressed up ?


Courtney said...

Okay, I'm totally up for the card exchange. I've been on a super cleaning kick lately too. Must be that time of year or something. My MIL bought Alex a 'Jack Jack' costume (the baby from the 'Incredibles' movie) and it totally suits him.

Hobby Chef said...

Oh I LOVE The Thornbirds!!!! I think I need to read it again, too.

We were planning to dress up as football player and cheerleader for Halloween, but my Mom threw away all my old cheerleading uniforms (!) so now I don't know what we're going to do. There's an amazing costume rental place here, so I think we'll head over there Friday to see what they have.

Jenn said...

I'm in for the card exchange. I still have everyone's address from last year.

Melissa said...

I am up for the exchange too, but I didn't participate last year, so I don't think I have updated addresses...we should get that going on the e-mail.
I am dressing up this year, but I'm not telling anyone what I'm dressing as yet. It will be easier to describe with pictures. I should have the pieces by the end of the week so I can start working on it!

Sno Pea said...

Yay for blogger's night out!!! I love dancing. Are we bringing the husbands/boyfriends too? Since we blog about them LOL.

I LOVE halloween, but no one ever does anything. Bf isn't big on that one either. But there's always a good excuse to go out and have fun, and if I can disguise myself and make a fool of myself without anyone knowing me, well...I'm THERE LOL

Lisa said...

I'm up for the exchange too :) But some of us have moved..me, Amanda..we'll have to update our address'.

Heather said...

My email's not working again. It's very annoying.

I love that you love my favorites :-). That's just fabulous!! I'm *always* up for a book exchange. That would be so fun to do again. I have a Jodi Picoult book I'd be happy to send you - not sure if you read it yet or not.

Haven't decided if I'm sending Christmas cards this year or not. I tend to alternate years, and I think I actually did it the past two years in a row. I might want a break.

Hobby Chef said...

Oh, and I'm a yes for card exchange and yes for book exchange.