Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Almighty Bulwark ?

Below is part of a spam email that I just opened in my inbox. I don't know why the junk filter at work doesn't catch these but catches legitimate emails gah! I receive daily business related emails from names that I don't recognize, so that's why I opened this one thinking it was legit. I have to say it's the first spam email that I read almost all of it hehe. The actual 'spam/advertisement' was sandwiched between 2 of these wacky paragrahs. I don't know if I'm too tired or what but the paragraphs cracked me up this morning hehe.


When you see the sheriff, it means that an abstraction of a cowboy leaves. If the customer beyond a chess board sells some minivan about the traffic light to some greasy blood clot, then a knowingly treacherous salad dressing panics. Now and then, the CEO from a support group sells the lover to a wrinkled bartender. When a short order cook about a nation is nuclear, the short order cook around the oil filter brainwashes a skyscraper beyond the cowboy. Sometimes the grain of sand reads a magazine, but the linguistic garbage can always falls in love with some turkey toward a line dancer!

A stoic turkey reads a magazine, and a blithe spirit panics; however, the mysterious skyscraper writes a love letter to another turn signal. If a graduated cylinder requires assistance from a carelessly mitochondrial wedding dress, then a somewhat cantankerous fruit cake goes to sleep. The bullfrog living with a ski lodge derives perverse satisfaction from the obsequious tape recorder. A recliner ignores a false particle accelerator, because an abstraction knows an outer roller coaster. When you see the chess board, it means that the insurance agent self-flagellates. The orbiting inferiority complex avoids contact with a rattlesnake. When you see a grand piano living with a fire hydrant, it means that a vaporized mastadon daydreams. The senator gets stinking drunk, and the freight train meditates; however, an inexorably paternal parking lot buys an expensive gift for a sandwich. The frustrating bartender trades baseball cards with the carpet tack defined by a spider. Most people believe that a support group can be kind to a graduated cylinder, but they need to remember how slyly the abstraction living with a roller coaster gets stinking drunk.

When a parking lot beyond the defendant reads a magazine, a grand piano over the roller coaster sweeps the floor. A diskette carelessly plans an escape from a pit viper beyond a stovepipe a hole puncher. When a tattered bowling ball is revered, a dreamlike mating ritual buys an expensive gift for the gratifying hydrogen atom. When an alleged mating ritual is Eurasian, the hairy cashier goes deep sea fishing with a razor blade defined by the class action suit.

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