Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Memory blank

Last night DH and I decided to try that Indian restaurant on Main street (Taj Mahal). It was delicious!!! I loved the atmosphere too. We had samosas and chicken curry and rice and naan. Anyways, they had this funky indian instrumental music playing, and DH commented that it sounded like an indian..... "Famous guy who plays the saxophone", isn't his name Michael Bolton ? We both knew that wasn't his name, but since he had said it whenever I tried to remember the guy's name all I could think about was "Michael Bolton" and "Richard Marx"... I told this to DH and he said him too.... why would we both think of Richard Marx ? He has nothing to do with saxophones hehe. It was driving us nuts!!! I hate when that happens, you know you know it, it's on the tip of your tongue, but you can't say it ?

Well we get home and I ask Tina on MSN if she knows the name of the famous saxophone player, but she doesn't reply she's talking on the phone. Then I look at DH and see that he's googling for "Elevator Music Celebrity" ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!! And in the "Elevator Music" category... the winner is : ! LOL Finally I googled for "popular saxophone" then "pop sax" and finally found it!!! KENNY G!!! Phew!

LOL I'm laughing out loud at work right now since I typed "Elevator Music Celebrity" LOL

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