Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A gilmore girls, yellow tail and laundry night

Blargh work sucks. But I just remembered that it's Gilmore Girls night, and that I have Yellow Tail waiting for me at home. I need to fall in love (my fingers just wrote 'fall in loaf' ? wtf..) with another brand of wine. Everytime I go anywhere I bring yellow tail and my wine rack is full of it and I look like an advertisement for them. It's just that good. I love everything about it. It's perfect for an inexpensive wine.


Scatterbrain said...

I'm going to watch GG too! yay us!

Lisa said...

I have a wine suggestion Nancy..don't know if they carry it there but I'm sure they do.
Inniskillin Late Autumn Reisling like $12 a bottle..it's sooo yummy!

miika said...

According to MIL (i don't drink much wine), Jackson Triggs is also really good, and inexpensive (and canadian).