Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Where IS everyone ?

I sat at my desk with my steaming cup of coffee ready to get log in the blogosphere. I go to my bloglines feed and there weren't enough blog updates to last me a whole cup of coffee :-S

I haven't blogged about this yet, but I'm trying a new diet that I've never tried before. It's called : Eating healthy in moderation and exercising. Woah! Well it's just a trial actually. I've never ever tried to lose weight this way. I've always gone the obsessive compulsive calorie-fat-carbohydrate counting, fat-carb-calorie ratio calculating, points counting, etc. Ultimately I always one day all of a sudden slack off on the diet math and tell myself that I might as well pig out since that particular day is off the record. Then the next day I'm not done eating everything that's good and unhealthy for this one last time. When I've gotten all my cravings for the things that I have deprived myself of for the duration of said diet, it's usually about 2 weeks after the day I fell off the wagon.

This time I had an idea. What if I just eat well and exercise.... I'm scared. I've never done this before. I mean, I've been seeing nutritionists and dieticians and following diet plans since I was 9 years old. That's when I began seeing a weekly nutritionist. I know what's healthy and what's not. I know how big a cup is and approximately how much 3 ounces of chicken breast is. I've been measuring, calculating, counting, weighing and researching food since before I was old enough to buy my own or even had permission to cook my own food. We didn't have microwaves back then hehe. Wouldn't it be awesome if I lost weight this way ? If you read my food journal, you'll see that for my first day I was still in obsessive compulsive mode. My second day I haven't calculated anything and it feels really liberating. But it's terrifying...

I was talking with Tina and apparently we both feel the same way about this. She's also doing the plain and simple healthy eating and exercising diet. Both of us share the same reasons for trying this, for example : if we're counting calories or points, if we haven't eaten all our allocated calories/points, we will eat just to eat everything we're entitled to eat. Even though we love making things like big pots of soups, it's aggravating to not know exactly how much of each ingredient is in every serving because then our calculations are only estimates. (You might not see what the big deal is if you don't have OCD tendencies hehe.) When we're invited to eat at someone else's house or at a restaurant or wherever, since we can't know the exact nuritional information we declare the day off record and fall off the wagon for 2 weeks. Well I fall off the wagon for 2 weeks hehe.

So yeah... no money to be made on my back by anyone this time. No books, no gimmicks, no website subscription, no reason to quit this time. But I'm scared as hell. What if my deck of playing cards sized piece of lean meat grows overtime into a deck and a half size ? What if my dice sized cube of low-fat cheese turnes into the size of one of DH's D&D dices ? Those 20d dices are HUGE! They didn't specify what size dice we were to imagine... Okay yeah they did..

What do you think, my free nutritionists/psychologists/motivators/entertainers ?

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Sno Pea said...

I've got to comment on this one. Congratulations! You'll see how much easier it will make it for you, to just make healthy choices and exercising, and NOT having to count anything. Congrats on the walking too. You'll feel tons better.
Keep me posted eh!