Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A series of fortunate events

First, I'm happy to announce that my sleep plan was very successful last night. I was in bed by 10h30pm and slept... well here's the only glitch... 8.5 hours. I was sleeping so well that the snooze button temptation won me over. I don't know how I could possibly go to bed that early tonight though with the fantastic tv show line-up. All on the same channel : House - Big Brother Finale - Rockstar Supernova. Well, I guess I could always go to bed at 11pm and get up at 7am and declare tomorrow a ponytail day. Like the other 360 days or so. :P

I don't know if it's knowing that you all are doing it too (jumping on the healthy bandwagon), but I had an idea at lunch and executed it and maybe the thin woman inside of me is speaking up and winning. She can't be shut up with a cookie anymore! So what did I do ? Well after eating my healthy lunch I went for a walk!! ME! Twice in two days. I walked to bonnaccord then main then back to work on highfield. Not the longest walk in the world, but I enjoyed the sun and blue sky and nice fall weather. Plus I don't want to be sweaty for the afternoon hehe.

Well while walking on mainstreet I saw interresting things! First, there's this pita wrap place that I had never seen. I don't remember the name but it sounds like "Maha's wraps" or something like that. Anyways in addition to salads, wraps and whatnot, they also serve VEGITARIAN ! Not to be consumed with Vegetarian. Who would order a vegetarian anyway ? They probably don't taste just like chicken. Also at Maha's warps or however it's called, they have a little tiny patio area with 3-4 tiny tables. The outdoor chairs are covered with white lacey pillowcases and very pink ribbons. There are pink ribbons decorating the little fenced area as well. There were two grown men eating at a table with their white and pink ribbonned chairs, it made me giggle. They looked as though they were having a lovely tea party. I can't even begin to think about how messy those WHITE fabric chaircovers would get outdoors. Then I saw that Joan MacAlpine-Stiles constituency office is right there and I didn't know it hehe. Last but not least..... a USED BOOK STORE! Has it been there a long time ? "Rags of Time". I didn't even go in because it would have been PURE torture without any money on me. gah!

When I got back to the office I googled for "Rags of Time bookstore" and found A local blog! which lead to finding The New Brunswick Blog Roll! WOW! How can I have not known about this ?

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