Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Sleep Report - Night No. 2

So last night's plan to get 8 hours of sleep again didn't work so well. We got home from work and I convinced DH to come for a short walk with me and the dog again!! Two days in a row! This is amazing! *closes eyes and lifts palm up in the air* When we got home DH went in with the pup to start supper while I mowed and weewhacked the front lawn. Monday I hated the extension cord. Yesterday I utterly despised it. Not only was it constantly impeding my mowing strut, it was actually getting smeared in dog poop because of course there was some hidden in the grass. GAH! Who's bright idea was it to do so much landscaping aka mowing obstacles ? Oh yeah.. mine. Next year I'm soooo getting a polluting gas mower with no extension cord. Or maybe a push mower. Anything cordless.

To cut the story short I decided to shower and get all ready for bed so that I could stay up to watch House-Big Brother Finale-Last Rockstar SuperNova performance night and go to bed immediately after, at 11pm and wake up at 7am since I was already squeaky clean and still get 8 hours of sleep. I was lying on my back thinking.... and I don't know why in the world, but I thought about this funny story that happened YEARS ago. I started to have the giggles! I was trying to laugh quietly in my blanket without waking DH or the dog out, and then I couldn't hold it in anymore and laughter errupted out of me. DH woke up all of a sudden and says : What! What? What! I said : Oh.. the dog. He said : Oh. *snore*.

Wanna know the funny story ? hehe Well it's actually one of those 'you had to be there' things, but I'll try to explain it anyway hehe. We were young, we were drunk. A regular party at Raymond's house.... Some of us went outside because Guy was puking and we wanted to make sure he was okay... I bent down to talk to Guy and put my hand on his back, when I got back up I got dizzy and started to walk backwards.... and I couldn't stop!! Raymond had a huge backyard, and there I was walkign backwards in a big circle gaining speed. I was running backwards at a 45 degree angle and yelling " I can't stoooooooooop!". Everyone was standing there like stunned statues, wondering WTF was going on LOL. I remember that event as if it were yesterday hehe. So there I was running backwards and I couldn't stop and I said to myself : This is ridiculous! Stop! Feet, I order you to stop! And then Whhhhhhhhham! I fell on my back, the momentum making my feet fly over my head. Then all I saw was Raymond falling to the ground laughing! LOL For MONTHS, maybe even years after this night the gang would impersonate me by runnign backwards and yelling " I can't stoppppppp"!

P.S. I just realized that in all my previous entries instead of writing "Impersonation" I always wrote "Impression", which is the literal french translation hehe. Ah well, now I know :)


Hobby Chef said...

I didn't even know they still made electric mowers! Get a gas one, and get a self-propelled! They're the best if you have a big yard.

Lisa said...

Nancy, I can totally picture you running backwards like that, ha ha. Too funny :)

miika said...

here's the perfect lawn mower for you :-)

and as far as I can tell, it's still electric