Monday, September 11, 2006

Trying to conk myself out..

It's 8h38pm, the lights are turned down, and I'm listening to the Smooth Jazz channel trying to feel sleepy hehe. I did my best to tire myself out after work. Immediately after we arrived we changed, started a load of laundry, then I actually talked Steph into going for a short walk with the dog and me. The dog was psyched!!! What ? Roof! We're ALL going to mark around the neighborhood? Wroof! He thought it was his birthday or something.

Then when we got home I went in the back and we decided it was time for the big harvest. We managed to grow 4 green peppers, 2 Hongarian wax peppers and we brought in 3 little green tomatoes to see what happens, since all the other tomatoes fall on the ground before they're ripe. Oh and we ate the one strawberry. That's not counting the other 3-4 peppers and strawberries we ate this summer. Woooo such gardeners we are! pfft hehe Maybe it was the potted garden idea that wasn't such a great one. Maybe next year if we plan in the ground we'll get a bigger harvest hehe. Steph brought the harvest inside and started supper while I mowed the backyard and weedwacked. OMG I'm SO buying a frickin gas lawnmower next year. Yeah my electric one is cheap and environment friendly but maneuvering around the extension cord takes me twice the time it would if I didn't have to. The army of mosquitoes have most likely bitten a pound off.

When I was done mowing the table was all set and the whole wheat spaghetti was ready. We actually ate at the kitchen table!! Then we cleaned up a bit, put the laundry load to dry, and I came online at 8h10pm and I watched Rockstar in the Mansion. Now it's 8h49 and I'm trying to get sleepy. I was hoping that by a miracle Chantal could come online very early, since I want to go to bed at 9 (read first) and I saw her today at the supermarket, but since I had already started to stack my stuff on the belt at the cash I couldn't get out of line and she wasn't done shopping so I said : Well see you on MSN tonight then! (Holy sentence Batman!) But if I go to bed at 9pm , in 9 mins then I'll most likely miss her :( Maybe I should wait until 9h30... last night I went to bed at 11h00pm(read) 11h30pm(sleep) which was already a big improvement compared to my regular 12ham(read) 1am(sleep). Especially since I should wake up at 6am to not be late. Which I always am. My goal is to eventually wake up at 5h30 to get in a workout before I go to work. I would never 'not have time', because what else have I got to do at 5h30am besides sleep like a normal person ? :P Therefore, maybe I should go to bed at 9h30pm to gradually get to my goal instead of all at once.... If I wait until 9h30 and Chantal still isn't here ? What do you think ? By the time I receive your advice I'll probably be sleeping ;)

Gah! Do you sense it ? I'm completely revved up and not sleepy :/ Okay maybe blogging is too stimulating. *poof*


Katie said...

Step away from the computer! Go to bed- you'll feel much better tomorrow!.

miika said...

Try hot baths, chamomile tea (or any herbal tea, really), low lights, and no TV for at least 30min before going to bed. That should do the trick :-)